How to write a diploma in one day and 5 reasons not to do it


How to make a diploma in 1 day (2 days, night)? The question is rhetorical, but many are forced to ask themselves. Let’s try to figure out if it’s possible at all, and why you shouldn’t do it.


How to write a diploma in a day/night Is it possible at all? 

Yes, it is possible. But the quality of the work will be, to put it mildly, not at a high level. Just try to guess: A standard diploma is about 80 pages A4 (+attachments). So, to write a thesis for a day (8 hours) you need to write 10 pages per hour. This productivity cannot be boasted by any writer! 

Nevertheless, if you do find yourself in a delicate situation, don’t give up! Here are a few ways that can help when there is no diploma, and you have to pass it tomorrow: 


Help from friends

A popular proverb says: one head is good, and two is better. Three is even better. Get your friends together and write a paper together: let each one do a separate chapter or paragraph. Good friends will not leave you in trouble and will definitely help. When the work is finished and the thesis is defended, don’t forget to thank your friends. In an extreme case, you can use an essay writing service.


Past works

Use your past works. If the topic of the diploma overlaps with the topic of a term paper you have already written before, feel free to take this term paper and include it in the diploma. Add your practice report to it, edit it a bit, and that’s 2/3 of your diploma is ready! 


Copypaste and compilation

 Find several old papers with similar topics on the Internet, and compile them into one finished new paper. True, you can’t make do with just one “copy-and-paste” here: you have to trim a lot of material to achieve the desired uniqueness. 


Write it yourself! 

Yes, it’s difficult. And in one night or one day, you are unlikely to write good work from scratch. But if you have at least a few days or a week in reserve, it is definitely worth a try. Write your diploma and fight to the end!


Five reasons to prepare your diploma in advance


  • Low grade. A diploma written in a hurry is unlikely to be defended well. You should not only write your thesis, but also prepare it well, and have time to prepare a presentation and a speech for the defense. Most likely they will take pity on you and give you “satisfactory”. Do you need it? 


  • The meaninglessness of the work. A diploma written overnight is practically meaningless. The whole pedagogical purpose of writing a thesis is wasted. You won’t get any new knowledge or skills in the process. Except for the ability to write a diploma in a day, of course. 


  • Feeling bad. Sitting over a diploma all night long is not good for your health. And not only physical but also mental. You will be not only very tired (and after a sleepless night you also need to go to the defense), but also destroy a lot of nerve cells. 


  • Great risks of being expelled. If you came to defend yourself with a diploma written one day or night before, you may simply not be allowed to defend. After all, the diploma must be approved by the supervisor and reviewed by an outside specialist. It all depends on whether the commission will meet you halfway. 


  • And finally, believe us, all the people who were forced to write their diploma in such a short time, feel just disgusted. Do your diploma writing in advance, and be on your best behavior!