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How to Match your Eyeglasses with your Lifestyle and Face

The glasses you wear define you as they help people recognize you. They are a part of your face and play a vital role in portraying your personality and lifestyle. Hence it is extremely important to wear the right glasses to reflect the real you. Not only this, but they also give you added confidence. If you know that your glasses are the right choice and you look just perfect, an aura of self-confidence radiates from you.

Now you might want to change those too big glasses or too small or perhaps too round. Or if you are happy with your frame size and style but want to change your lenses, many reliable eyeglass stores such as Lensabl, Lens Direct, Overnight Glasses, etc., provide these services. Hence, in case you might be wondering where I can get prescription lenses for my frames, these and other such stores are your way to go.

How to Select A Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses?

When purchasing your eyeglasses, first of all, look at the various aspects of your life. What do you do? Are you a teacher? A businessman? Or a lawyer? What do you do in your free time? Are you an artist? Or perhaps a writer? Or are you among those whose life is a roller coaster of activities? 

Just like joggers, do not go with a formal dress, similarly, the wrong glasses clash with your personality. Here are some serious tips for you. Just look for your personality and find the perfect glasses for you.

If You Are A Serious Businessman

Go for conventional frames and colors. It assists in building the trust of your clients and colleagues. The shape should be classic, like ovals, almonds, or even rectangles. Stick to traditional colors like silver, gold, black, brown, and grey, or even tortoise patterns. These complement well with business suits. Moreover, avoid bright colors or unique shapes.

Rimless glasses frames are an excellent option. You could also go for steel or titanium frames. 

If You Are Into Fashion or Any Creative Field

The easiest way to showcase your creativity is to wear classic and modern shapes alike, made of thicker and bigger frames. Multi-colored or striking frames like violet, blue or turquoise would also look good. You could also try vintage frame style. See what suits you.

If you are over 50, it doesn’t mean you should go for traditional, old-fashioned, and giant frames. No. Stop wearing them if you own them. They dominate your face and portray your age.

You can look fresh with a soft rectangle or perhaps a cat-eye frame. You should even get a high gloss finish to give a fresh look!

If You Are A Student

Whichever subject you are majoring in, college is the place where looks are everything. It is also the time when you shape your identity. Hence, do not be scared to portray who you are.

Perhaps a geeky look is for you, with rectangles ensconcing half of your face, or perhaps you want a serious and intellectual frame. What about a modern frame in various bright colors?

Unique styles with different colors, large sizes with appealing touches here and there; the choices go on! 

If You Are A Parent

Parents tend to be quite busy with energetic kids. Hence, it is harder to take time out for the latest trends. Soft rectangular or oval frames would do wonders for you. You could enhance your frame with little details on the metal to accentuate your style.

If You Are A Passionate Athlete

Some people have two lives. They have a work-life during the weekdays and fun during the weekends, i.e., sports. Now your regular eyeglasses wouldn’t put up with sports. They have to provide safety along with comfort. Sports glasses in wide patterns and bright colors look awesome on athletes. Remember to use a plastic lens instead of a glass one. For activewear, glass is not safe. 

Which Glasses Suit Your Face?

Your skin tone, face shape, and hair color also play a central role in choosing the right spectacles. Given are some primary face shapes along with the perfect glasses for them:

  1. For an oval-shaped face, wide or walnut-shaped frames are neither too deep nor too narrow.
  2. For a heart-shaped face, try rimless or light-colored and thin frames.
  3. For oblong-shaped faces, decorative frames with width go well.
  4. For square-shaped faces, narrow frame styles like ovals look good.
  5. For a diamond-shaped face, prefer a cat-eye or rimless frame.
  6. For a round face, a wide rectangular frameworks wonders.

 Tips on Lenses

As we have been discussing frames, here is some advice on what kind of lenses to prefer.

Go for anti-reflective, high index, photochromic lenses. High index plastic lenses are also great for athletes as they are impact-resistant. Moreover, they are safer as well.


Lastly, an expert opinion would be extremely helpful. Get an experienced optician to assist you in choosing your spectacles. Don’t get too confused. Just see what works best with your face. And go with it. Remember, the choice is yours.