8 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend for Under $50

We may be uncertain about many things when it comes to women, but one thing we are sure of is that they love gifts. Whether you are looking to find Ukrainian brides or attract an American chick, generosity will go a long way in impressing them. However, always buying your woman pricey gifts isn’t feasible, especially if you are on a budget.

Some women may want you to get them presents even when there’s nothing to celebrate. It may seem weird to you but it’s a normal craving for them. A thoughtful gift now and then is enough to keep your bae swooning.

Many women associate presents with pleasant memories. Whenever they see the gift items you got, they will remember you. But knowing what to give a woman is crucial. A creative gift will always hold more sentimental value than an expensive but random one. So, if you are on a budget, here are some gift ideas for less than $50.

1. A tote bag

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Women love bags, but not every occasion needs a thousand-dollar Gucci handbag; sometimes, they just want simple, practical solutions. A simple, reusable tote bag gets the job done and fashionable ones can double as a beach or picnic bag. You can find tote bags that cost as little as $10 that she can use to carry groceries or pack for a night out with the girls. If it’s fashionable, she can go to social events with it. When buying tote bags, get a sturdy, multipurpose one and your girlfriend will love it!

2. A picnic blanket

If your girlfriend loves nature, a picnic blanket is an ideal gift for her. These blankets aren’t expensive but they will show her that you support her interests, so look out for waterproof and bright ones. Colorful blankets are attractive, and they will reflect the jolly mood when she’s hanging out with you or her friends. Waterproof blankets will repel water and prevent stains from sticking to the blanket when foods or drinks spill on it. You can find durable picnic blankets online for as little as $49.

3. Scented candles

Does your chick like her personal space smell like cinnamon, lavender, and all the colors of the rainbow? If so, scented candles will do the trick for her. These candles are inexpensive and fragrant and can go for around $30. The best part is that you can choose the fragrance based on what your girlfriend likes, making the gift more personal. It would make her think of you when relaxing or listening to music over a cup of tea.

4. Wool sweaters

If your girlfriend lives in a cold area, you can buy her a thick, wooly sweater. We recommend one in her favorite color or personalizing it. For example, if she’s a Game of Thrones fan, pay a little extra to have a quote from the movie printed on it. It shouldn’t cost more than $40. You can also spice it up by including a bottle of your scent to remind her of you.

5. A fancy leather journal

Your girlfriend may not write poetry or keep a diary but a leather journal is an excellent gift because it shows that you care about her feelings. You can take it up a notch by writing a love note to her on the first page of the journal. You could encourage her to express her feelings in it which will help for when you aren’t around to support her. Fancy leather journals are inexpensive and can be gotten from any stationery store around.

6. A sweet treat

Women often crave a box of chocolate, jellies or any confectionery. So get a gift box and fill it with all of her favorite chocolates and sweets. You can decide to add cakes and chocolate chip cookies, but keep an eye on your budget. This gift box will come in handy, especially when it’s that time of the month. You can also send her the treat when she’s at work to show that she’s always on your mind.

7. A pendant necklace

Your girlfriend will appreciate a pendant necklace because it’s a handy accessory for when she wants to dress up. It also makes a great fashion statement. Not every pendant necklace costs a million bucks. For example, you can get one of those pendants with her initials for $30. For more creativity, get her a projection necklace that says “I love you” in several languages or one of where you had your first kiss.

8. Your hoodie

It costs absolutely nothing to give your girlfriend your favorite hoodie. Many ladies will try to take your hoodie if they love you, so that should give you ideas. It’s even better if it’s your favorite hoodie or if it carries your scent. Girls love to have a piece of you that they can feel when you aren’t around, and hoodies often top their list.


Every girl loves gifts, especially if they’re coming from someone they love. No matter how much you earn, get your girl gifts occasionally to show her that you think of her often. Thankfully, we understand the inconvenience of working with a tight budget, so we made this list of the best gift items that cost $50 or less. Based on your girlfriend’s needs and desires, consider our recommendations and get her something thoughtful.