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Find Plastic Surgeons in Barcelona: Everything you Need to Before You Schedule

For many, plastic surgery is a life-altering experience. It’s a big-ticket item and an investment in yourself. It can also help you overcome insecurities and boost confidence, which often leads to overall improvements to mental health and lifestyle. So wanting to know everything you can when looking to find a plastic surgeon is a wonderful idea. Before you decide on a plastic surgeon, there are some critical things to consider, and we’re here to help. Here are ten things you should think about when trying to find a plastic surgeon in Barcelona. 

Your Personal Expectations

Mentally preparing yourself for plastic surgery can be a process. It’s easy to get an idea in your head of precisely what you want and how you want it. The problem is we aren’t all doctors or surgeons, and we don’t always know what can and can’t be done. Plastic surgery can go a long way to changing how you look, but it’s still not magic. You need to have realistic expectations. You aren’t suddenly going to have everything you want in life just because you’ve had a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. 

However, if you keep your expectations in check and listen to what the surgeons can offer, then there is a high likelihood you will be happy with the results. That’s where the confidence boost comes in when you look in the mirror and are satisfied with what you see that will show to the rest of the world. 


This one really should go without saying, but we’re going to tell you anyway. When you’re researching a plastic surgeon, it’s essential to know what eir qualifications are. Know what you’re getting into. Most cosmetic medical professionals will happily and proudly display their qualifications on their websites and office walls, but if by chance they don’t, ask them. 


Plastic surgeons are in a way very much like an artist. They sculpt, just using vastly different tools. Another thing they have in common with artists is they likely have a vast portfolio. The surgeon will take before and after pictures with permission from the patient most of the time. The image is not only for the person they are working with but also for their portfolio; it helps give you an idea of what they can do. 

Stacking Procedures

Cost and recovery are both key things to think about when you’re talking about plastic surgery. One way you can reduce the cost and time is to ask about stacking procedures. For example, women often have what’s becoming known more commonly as a mommy makeover, where they stack a breast lift and augmentation with things like a tummy tuck. Mommy makeovers are just one example of ways you can stack procedures to save recovery time because you’ll be healing from multiple surgeries during the same time. 

Often these stacked procedures will be more affordable in the long run. For one, there are often discounts for multiple procedures, and there is also the fact that you’ll avoid repeated costs such as the cost of numerous anesthetic sessions. 


Medical tourism or travel for plastic surgery is becoming more and more common all over the world. There are some things you want to think about before booking a procedure in a foreign country; however, you’ll want to be able to communicate. Spain is an excellent location for this as they have a high percentage of the population who speak English.  In particular, Barcelona will have a higher density of English speakers because it’s a prominent tourist destination. 

This means when you’re trying to find plastic surgeons in Barcelona, they will likely have hired someone specifically to help improve communication for foreign patients. Of course, another thing to consider is where you will recover.

You can’t just hop a flight back home usually, so you’re going to want to book accommodations to rest and relax until you’re ready to travel. It’s also a lot to offer as a tourist destination, including some stunning architecture, and who doesn’t want to recover with some of the world’s best food. 


You always want to get a consultation when you are considering plastic surgery. It’s critical that you talk to the doctor and explain what you are trying to achieve. With the current covid restrictions, some of these consultations are being done via video call but make sure that you have the opportunity to meet with the surgeon and discuss your goals and desires before booking your procedure. 


Some plastic surgeons specialize in a specific area of the body or type of procedure. It helps if you make sure that the surgeries you want are within the surgeon’s comfort zone. Clarifying if they have a specialization or are a generalized plastic surgeon will help to ensure that you end up with positive results. 

Don’t Discount Client Testimonials

Usually, during your initial research for finding plastic Surgeons in Barcelona, one of the things you will come across are patient testimonials. They are often placed right on the surgeon’s website; if they aren’t, don’t be afraid to ask during your consultation. It’s kind of like asking for references before you hire someone for a job. Some surgeons keep them in a book in their office, while others may even have video testimonials on their social media pages. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

This is hard for some people; just like a regular doctor’s visit, you need to feel comfortable asking questions. Some examples of things you might want to ask are what kind of anesthesia is required for your desired procedure. Does your surgeon have hospital privileges? What are the risks involved with this procedure? These are only a few basic questions you should be prepared to ask before you go under the knife. The most important thing is you feel safe and comfortable with your choices. 

Plan for Aftercare

So you’re almost there. You’re about ready to make that consultation appointment. Wait, one more thing before you go; make sure you’ve taken into consideration your aftercare plan. Are you going to need help? Do you have someone that can stay with you for a day or two or come over to do any heavy lifting for a little bit until you recover? Plastic surgery can be minimally invasive, but it still is surgery, so make sure you have an aftercare plan in place 

The most recent report on plastic surgery has shown some interesting facts. The industry is changing and, even though plastic surgeries were on hold during the worst moments of covid, overall, it hasn’t slowed people down. Generally, the industry is growing, and more and more people are willing to turn to cosmetic surgery to change their appearance. As long as you keep your expectations realistic, do your research, and plan for both the location and aftercare of your plastic surgery, there’s never been a better time to book a consultation.