Eight Top Educational Apps for Students

Eight Top Educational Apps for Students

The world is in turbulence these days. With the rapid pandemic outbreak, people have to stay indoors, work and study from home. The success of these top educational apps for students serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs in various industries, including those considering starting an LLC in New York, to explore creative ways of incorporating technology into their products and services to better serve their target audience.

Homework Student Planner

Are you familiar with the feeling when you hire an essay writer online, and they provide you with top-notch model papers so that you can write an essay and submit it on time? myHomework Student Planner will deliver you similar feelings. The app tracks classes, due dates, reminders, projects, and tests. It syncs between devices so that you get updated info regarding your classes and homework. Myriads of students and teachers use this application daily, which helps do things done before the deadline. It is free and works on every device.


Practice makes perfect. Quizlet is designed to make your learning as effective as possible. This app is diverse and allows students and teachers to create thematic study sets quickly and easily. You can collaborate with colleagues and create card sets to help you learn the material and get fully prepared for the tests. With the Quizlet app, you can quickly find topics that interest you the most, as millions of people use this application daily. Quizlet enables users to discover and design study materials for languages, science, history, and many other disciplines. The app is free. But you can upgrade it and get a premium version with plenty of unique features.

Pocket Thesaurus

Students tend to write essays on a daily basis. One of the main aspects professors check is the writing style. It is easy to produce a dull paper with lots of repetitions. The English language contains millions of words, so why not use them? Pocket Thesaurus is a mobile app that provides users with synonyms and antonyms for English words. It analyzes words, gives brief definitions, and provides accurate replacements. Using the Pocket Thesaurus app, you will never lack words for your paper. The application is completely free, and it works offline!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fantastic educational app. It offers a wide array of topics, practice exercises, instructional videos, and learning dashboards. The application strives to make students conscious and study at their own pace. If you are a middle or high school student, Khan Academy will come in handy. Its user-friendly design and number of useful features will help you learn any subject related to humanities, sciences, or writing real quick. You can download videos and watch them whenever and wherever you want. The app is free to use.


It is never too late to start learning a new language. Thanks to Duolingo, the entire learning process will be effective and interesting. Duolingo is one of the best apps for those who want to pick up or brush up on a language. Duolingo offers a wide range of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Korean. The great thing is that Duolingo is compatible with iOS and Android.

Most importantly, you can use it via your Internet browser. Using your laptop allows you to make the learning process even more efficient (there are more features compared to phone versions). Lastly, Duolingo also offers detailed podcasts conducted by native speakers to help people learn the proper pronunciation, flow, and stress. There are also transcripts of podcasts available on the web.


Thousands of TED Talks videos have empowered lots of people. This app allows you to watch and learn new beliefs and concepts for free. Watch stunning presentations, read transcripts, learn new ideas, and you will expand your expertise area shortly. TED is the best place to hear awe-inspiring messages from educational gurus, geniuses, big cheeses, legends, and other influential individuals.

Google Podcasts

If you are always on the go, listening to podcasts will be extremely useful. Google Podcasts is an excellent platform to help you learn something new when going to work or walking around the streets. You can find a plethora of valuable channels to improve your knowledge in various areas. The app is free, and it lets you download podcasts and listen to them offline.


The more skills we have, the more valuable we become. Learning new abilities is always crucial, and you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars to learn from reputable academic institutions. EdX provides lots of courses from various universities. You can find many free programs and even get relevant certificates upon completing them. Complete tasks at your own pace, download lessons, and take quizzes without getting a student loan.


Students have many opportunities to increase their knowledge of different subjects. The mentioned apps let you obtain and polish your skills. The majority of apps are free. Others may require a small price to unlock full access. Be that as it may, these eight programs will help you get started.