Does Drinking Coffee Increase Your Libido?

Sex toys. Foreplay. Iced Starbucks Blonde Caffe Americano? If you’re looking for ways to super-charge your love life, all three will work for you. Skeptical? Don’t be. There are scientists out there eager to help you pump up your libido and aren’t you eager to learn how a stop at Starbucks can invigorate your sex drive for under $4?

Research on the topic of coffee and libido has been around a while but one of the most often-cited studies of late is the one conducted at The University of Texas in Houston where an inquisitive dude by the name of Professor David Lopez tackled the topic of the way caffeine goes about triggering chemical reactions that increase penis blood flow from as few as two cups of java.

Lopez already knew that a preponderance of previous studies suggested that caffeine boosts women’s sex drives, but the university’s study, appearing in PLOS ONE, a peer-reviewed publication citing the latest and greatest scientific findings, focused on men this time around. The details will fascinate you.

What the study revealed

Men needn’t start downing a pot of coffee daily to receive libido benefits because two to three cups a day are all it takes to get muscles relaxed enough the achieve an erection and potentially help combat erectile dysfunction issues. If you’re a stickler for specifics, focus on downing between 71 and 303 milligrams of caffeine daily to get results.

Will every guy on the planet experience a libido boost simply by mainlining this much caffeine? Sadly, men with type 2 diabetes whose sugar levels are out of whack leading to hormone imbalances, are going to have to do what it takes to reverse their condition by making lifestyle and medication changes so they can metaphorically get back up to speed.

Is coffee a libido cure-all?

Not exactly, says certified sexologist and certified intuitive eating counselor Satori Madrone who cautions that sex drive also relies upon other types of stimulation to drive libidos, like arousal and stamina, for example. Madrone says that timing is also an important factor when employing coffee to help boost one’s readiness for a sheet and pillow party.

“It takes anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to feel coffee’s peak results,” Madrone reports, “so drinking coffee before sex might yield the most beneficial results.” We won’t go into the immediacy of downing your joe if you worry that too much coffee could trigger sloshing which is a true buzzkill when it comes to sex.

Just for women

We’re not sure what’s going on at University of Texas campuses, but in addition to the Houston data, the university’s Austin campus pioneered a coffee/libido study back in 2010 proving that women’s arousal was just as susceptible to coffee, especially when paired with erotic stimuli. If you’re especially triggered by visual imagery, that alone increases physiological reactions. Add caffeine and arousal goes into overdrive.

Pair a healthy dose of coffee with any of the 125 factors reported by the National Institutes of Health study published by Katie McCall, MA and Cindy Meston, Ph.D. in 2010, and even unresponsive women are primed to achieve nirvana (

Coffee and stress; mutually incompatible?

How many men and women in your circle report being so stressed out by work, personal and financial issues, the last thing on their minds is sex? That’s not only sad but counterproductive since a lively, long and satisfying sexual encounter can cure almost anything on the planet. Coffee, it seems, reduces stress while enhancing performance.

Calling sex an endurance sport, University of São Paulo (Brazil) researchers found the caffeine boosts athletic performance by reducing fatigue and improving mental acuity. Apply these two factors to your next sexual encounter and you’ll agree that drinking coffee can not only boost your experience but keep you going longer, too!

Does it matter how you get your caffeine?

The answer is yes, say another bunch of brainiacs conducting a 2018 study into the impact depression has on one’s sex drive. But make no mistake, lovers need to down the real thing rather than caffeinated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and coffee that’s so loaded with sugar it negates all the good work the caffeine is doing to help you get your fill of sex. The most natural way to increase libido is to just fill up your calendar with as many dates and hookups as possible. Cision has an article about the top hookup apps you can do to achieve that.

It makes sense because you cannot have your entire calendar filled up with dates offline. It’s just not possible.

Must you hold your nose and develop an appetite for shots of espresso before you do a deep dive into the sheets? Not really. Remember that your mother always cautioned moderation and while she has no dog in the game as far as your sex life is concerned, your libido will thank you for developing a healthy craving for a strong cup of coffee.

Finding the right balance

Who doesn’t want to be known as a caring, attentive, and creative lover? Even the Journal of Nutrition devoted space to the relationship between coffee and sex back in 2014 and concluded that dynamics we rarely consider also play a role in how we perform in the sack.

Caffeine, it seems, is especially helpful for staying sharp after a seriously delicious foreplay session that leads to a happy ending. You want to be able to say that every one of your senses is fully participatory when making love, and the journal lists enhanced cognition, attention span, reaction time and memory all improve when libido meets caffeine and turns you into a legendary performer.

To brew or not to brew, that is the question

So, you’re getting your digs ready for the most passionate encounter of your life and the target of your affection notices that you’re pressing him or her to consume a cup of strong coffee early into the evening. Your honey insists that you’re providing enough stimulation to earn a gold medal at sex, but you persist.

Mention the facts you’ve just read here, and you won’t have to do much more to get your point across. The coffee industry will thank you, but the reward you seek is all about the ultimate orgasm, so don’t be surprised if you start receiving bags of coffee from your lovers as gifts. After all, you can’t have too much coffee on hand if you’re eager to maintain a lively sex life.