Adopt the Country Look with Thomas Cook

When it comes to fashion, as of late things have started shifting in the direction of comfort – much to the pleasure of many. This has certainly been the result of a shift in our priorities and lifestyles, especially since 2020, the year that was marked by the COVID-19 pandemics.

The country style is a great example that perfectly embodies comfort, without it being at the expense of aesthetics. Not surprisingly, it’s been present on the runways as much as the streets, as we can see on social media.

Now, if you’re like most people, when you hear of this particular style, you immediately associate it with American cowboys made popular with the western movies over the decades of the previous century. What if I told you Aussie country style is just as practical and appealing?

What’s So Special About Australian Country Style?


Along with surfwear, bushwear also known as Outback is one of the common styles of clothing in the Land Down Under. With iconic Aussie brands such as the well-tailored Thomas Cook clothing range, you’d be able to capture the unique spirit and legacy of Australia in a breeze.

Born out of necessity for the harsh conditions in the bush, this type of clothing continues to be the symbol for durability and practicality, perfect for year-round wear. The amazing fabrics of the country and canvas shirts, jeans, khakis, moleskins, oilskins, rugby, polos, vests, and jackets, in the likes of comfortable, versatile, and utility cotton drill, means they’re created with a heavy accent on function and superb protection from the elements. These are the clothing essentials you can enjoy wearing for years.

And, best of all is you don’t have to be a bushranger, ringer, stockman, equestrian, squatter, drover, or camper and hiker in the great Outback to incorporate the Aussie rural style of dressing in your wardrobe. The western look has beaten the test of time, and in part, we have the popularity of movie hits such as “Crocodile Dundee”, “The Man from Snowy River” and “Australia” to thank for it – especially the global embrace of the eye-catching, rugged, and effortless Aussie image.


With the exceptional ranges of brands that have become integral parts of the Aussie country lifestyle, as is the case with Thomas Cook clothing, it’s easy to find a look to suit any style. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading to find out how!

How to Adopt the Country Look with Thomas Cook?


No matter what the season is, bushwear always has your back when it comes to comfortable and hassle-free aesthetics, suitable for people from all walks of life. Now, if this is music to your ears, wait ‘til you hear this: even if you aren’t keen on going full country, you can still pull off incredible looks that turn heads wherever you go with handpicked pieces of attire and accessories!  

Start with the Top

I’ll have a guess and assume you already own a set of jeans for your leisure ensemble because they’re the most popular bits of country style most of us are likely to have in the wardrobes. The great news is the vast array of tops of the Thomas Cook clothesline are ideal to team them up with.

You’d love wearing classic polo shirts, multifaceted rugbys,  and long-sleeve shirts with hand-drawn prints which are mostly made of cotton, plus a dose of elastane for all-day comfortable wear. Available for men and women, there’s the right piece for any outfit you can think of.

Having in mind they’ve also got their kids’ clothing line, you’d easily deck out the whole family in matching tops, and prepare your children for the countryside. When you’re looking for that extra layer for the colder days, their versatile thermal heavyweight shirts are a perfect pick, as are their bomber jackets which are warm and soft on the inside, and stylish and heavy-duty on the outside.


The Thomas Cook apparel in the form of cashmere blend jumpers, fleece, zip-up knit, and denim jackets is also a must-have, and if you’re on the lookout for a touch of class, jackets with faux fur detailing are as good as they get. Fancy tops like their vests available in a range of colours can be the tricks up your sleeve with pulling off that balanced appealing and comfortable outfit.

Ladies, if I may have your attention please – ponchos can easily become your next obsession as their voguish, utterly comfy picks so you might consider them next time you want to spice up your looks. Gents, for that ultimate wild appeal of country wear, you can’t skip the oilskin duster coats, the epitome of the Australian bush.

Work Your Way Down


Okay, now that you got a general idea of what you can work with when it comes to the toppers, it’s time to move on to the jeans. Given that these are the essential clothing pieces that transcend time, one can never have too many of them! Luckily, the Thomas Cook clothing range is very well-assorted in this aspect, so you’d easily find your ideal pair.

From their classic cleverly engineered bootleg models to the ultra-modern slim leg and cut slim leg designs, there’s the perfect choice for everyone’s taste and preference. And, if you aren’t up for that traditional type of jeans, why not give their amazing stretch moleskins made to sculpt your beautiful figure. As for trousers, you’re going to love the fact they created their signature comfort waist that you’d love to wear time and time again.

Feel free to dress them up as you see fit with other Thomas Cook clothing items, like the fancy shirts with unique patterns, or team them up with the iconic ½ button shirts with UPF protection, and rugbys for that casual yet stylish everyday appeal; simply said, they’re designed for any occasion you can think of! As the cherry on top, you can’t forget to implement accessories like their emblematic leather belts with eye-catching buckles to proudly showcase your western style.


Working your way down further, it’s time to finish off your country outfit with as much style, and what better way to do so than by choosing your own pair of Thomas Cook boots which are an integral part of the brand as much as they are of the Australian lifestyle. Crafted with your style in mind, as well as your comfort, their footwear features unique soles, unique shanks, leather upper and lining, and removable footbeds.

Depending on the outfits you intend to mix and match them with, you’ve got the fancy Tarndanya, Trentham, Chelsea, and Jackson men and women’s dress boots, along with the Duramax DTC elastic-sided boots. As for that ultimate touch of country flair that’s what the all-rounder roper and countrywide boots are made for. In terms of designs that beat the wet weather, you can’t err if you choose the Froggers and Gumboots.