8 Fun and Easy Ways to Improve Your English: Tips For Students

Learning English is hard work. It can be frustrating and boring, so I’ve picked up some interesting ways for you to diversify your language practice.

We’ve all heard a thousand times that the only way to learn English is to fully immerse yourself in the language, use it in your daily life, and all that.

But we want to go further and find quick and easy ways to immerse ourselves in the language.

1. Try to master a new activity to your liking with English

Origami? Baking? Most people would like to learn new practical skills, improve their skills, or try new techniques.

But try following instructions in English. Learning a new skill or technique will help turn your brain on to become more receptive to new things, and it will also increase your rate of learning.

When you learn a new skill with English, it allows you to expand your knowledge of the language by introducing you to different writing styles. Instruction often includes unique words and phrases that can be difficult to understand, so this way of learning will help you better absorb texts without fear of new words.

Whether in a group or alone, such activities will be an interesting way to practice your English.

2. Write a travel diary

Chances are, no one wants to write an entire essay (for that, you can use essay writing service) on a trip, so we recommend an interesting way to practice writing – write traveler’s notes by organizing them into a journal!

First, describe the best parts of your trip to a friend or yourself, and then write them down. Remember to vary your words and sentence structures. You can also make your diary more interesting by including maps, itineraries, and photos.

It will make a wonderful memoir for yourself!

3. Mystery shopper

Try to buy things online and over the phone, or use customer support in English.

Find a store online in England or the USA that sells sofas, call them via WhatsApp and ask: What kind of sofas do they have, what color, how much do they cost, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you speak slowly, you’re learning, it’s only natural!

4. Learn English slang

One of the most fun parts of learning English is the slang. Slang is more informal and interesting, plus your speech will sound less robotic and more natural when you use it.

5. Watch clips, shows, or TV shows in English

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what they say, watch them anyway! You can rewatch your favorite movies and it will be easier for you.)

Try to understand why something is funny or sad. If the joke has to do with the word itself, that may be why it doesn’t make sense in your native language.

Try translating it into your language.

6. Read a life story and rewrite it in your own words

This activity will be a great way to practice your language skills. Reading more fiction will improve your creative writing skills as you gain insight into writing techniques. You will also expand your vocabulary as you look for new verbs and adjectives for your story. Read more classic literature: you will find that many of the novels or short stories fit today’s realities as well. Your revised text can be very short or the size of an entire book. Either way, it’s a very good way to practise your English.

7. Try playing word games with other people

Word games are a great way to test your language skills.

They help practice language skills under stress, which is especially good for test preparation.

There are simple games such as: “I Spy” or “20 Questions,” and others such as “Word Dealer” or “Scrabble” that are more enjoyable. Sometimes you may find it challenging to come up with new words during a game. At those times, scrabblewordcheat.com is a thing you need! It is a simple word solver or a tool to make words and helps you to win at scrabble.

Games will help you practice the language, not passively read a textbook.


Help a Tourist

Help out a tourist who looks lost. They won’t mind, and you can chat!

Be Curious

Ask for directions in English when travelling, even if you don’t need them! If you’re especially curious, taking an Englishfirm PTE Parramatta course is a great way to improve your English skills.

Change your phone, app, and social media settings to English

The easiest way to integrate English into your daily life is to reconfigure your phone and/or computer to English. This will allow you to work with the language several times a day. Although often you may not notice any change at first, eventually you will begin to absorb new words and phrases. The first time you open Settings, you’ll probably have a poor understanding of the technical language you haven’t encountered before. But that’s just at first. If you want to challenge yourself, do the same on social media and most apps on your phone.

Become a translator

When a new movie comes out in English, look up the original title. The translation sometimes doesn’t match the original. Find out what the title of the movie means. Ask yourself what the translation has to do with the film. You will never forget a new word that will be associated with the movie. It works every time!