Tyler the creator, the best rapper:

Mysterious pop star Tyler, the Creator creates his own universe of music, television, fashion and more. He is a creative corporation of one person, intent on acting only in his own way, which he clearly demonstrates in this interview. Tyler, the Creator lives and works in Los Angeles, goes shopping in Paris and cannot travel to the UK because he is banned from entering the country. Tyler the creator also has it Merch called Tyler the creator Merch. His Merch is well known in the present era.

At the end of a rewarding afternoon shopping in Paris with Tyler, the Creator, the hip-hop polymath pulls out his phone and reads aloud an excerpt from a dream journal he periodically keeps. During lunch – spaghetti carbora, decorated on top with egg yolk the color and shape of the sun – it turned out that Tyler is very light asleep. During the flight, even a light touch of his foot can wake him up. Tyler is unusually sensitive about his feet. Once on an old computer, he kept a folder dedicated to photographs of knees. As we say goodbye in the lobby of his hotel, the evening is already heading towards night, and I ask if there is anything that, in his opinion, readers still need to know about him. It was a fascinating afternoon wandering through the mind and vision of one of the greatest inventors of our time. That I have no legs, he replies.

Tyler the creator becomes a brand?

Tyler, the Creator was the leader of the Los Angeles-based hip hop group Odd Future. In the beginning, they were often compared to the Wu-Tang Clan, although Odd Future was a common name for loosely related musicians, not a group. Tyler’s first release was the 2009 mixtape Bastard, a bold debut that preached the timeless values ​​of hardcore punk through hip-hop and skronk-jazz mechanisms through the sensibility of an 18-year-old with nothing but faith in himself. Tyler, the Creator has developed his public image, inspired in part by the dances of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis on YouTube.

Since then he has released 4 albums and participated in most of Odd Future’s other projects. In his hometown, he owns two houses, one of which he recently acquired, mainly due to a backyard that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. When he first saw it, flower seeds from the garden were dancing in the wind. I knew it was for me, he says. It was like a fairy tale. 

Why Tyler the creator is always liked?

Last October, he opened a store for his Golf Wang clothing line. It is located in Los Angeles, practically on the corner of North Farfax and Oakwood Avenue. He never drank, smoked or used drugs. His elixir is life, his pulse is music. The rest is just ostentatious tinsel.

I mistakenly assume that he keeps a dream diary as directed by the therapist. Tyler the Creator Hoodieresponds quickly. He never went to psychoanalysts. Not. That’s not at all why.  He is 27 years old. At some points in his life, he was advised to go to therapy. Yes, I’m fine. I’m all good. For this I have songs.

He reads aloud: I got a massage in another country – in Korea – and some hitman was assigned to kill another rapper who also ended up in this city. I was friends with this person. The same dude tried to kill me and Vil.  Vil is Tyler’s security guard who has been working for him since 2011. He sits in the front seat of a darkened Mercedes, in which we have been driving through the streets of Paris for five hours.

As a result, my friends and I ended up in Curtain, he continues. It’s a town near Hawthorne. Hawthorne is an abandoned Los Angeles suburb where Tyler grew up. We went to Raleigh’s — which is a restaurant we like — and I saw two fights.