Top 10 Reasons To Start Learn A Foreign Language

Fortunately, learning a foreign language today is far from those awful struggles that we all had to go through at school as we struggled with the French irregular verbs or the German language’s lengthy words. These days it is possible to learn virtually any language on your own and discover the culture by talking directly to the native speakers. It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity, considering that the majority of apps that you can use today are free. Still, deciding to learn a foreign language has some other benefits that you must consider as well!

Top 10 Reasons Why Learning a Foreign Language Matters 

1. You Can Travel The World Much Easier

When you know at least the basic phrases, your travels instantly become more enjoyable as you feel more confident in the restaurant or when opening a foreign bank account. Of course, when you need to make a rental contract or register your scientific patent, always consider reading certified translation services reviews first. Just to be on the safe side! 

2. You Can Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

Just think about the best language learning apps you can try! From Memrise to HelloTalk, you can choose any approach that will help you learn the basic phrases or let you compose a love letter for your significant other! You just have to start and pick your learning method. 

3. Better Educational Opportunities.

If you start learning a foreign language, consider becoming an exchange student or even explore a foreign internship program. The opportunities truly become endless if you do! 

4. Higher Income In Any Business. 

If you can participate in negotiations with your foreign business partners or compose an email with the basic phrases, it will greatly improve your financial income and open up new career opportunities. 

5. Ability to Listen To Foreign Music & Watch Foreign Language Films.

Just think about listening to that song in French or singing along to your favorite anime series. Moreover, you can watch cinematographic masterpieces from all over the world! 

6. Read Books In Original. 

Did you ever wish you could read Paulo Coelho in original or find out what that engineering book in German says? It is quite a reason to start learning a foreign language. It will always pay off! 

7. Make Friends From All Over The World.

As you learn a foreign language, you also make friends and become more open-minded as you learn to appreciate the diversity of the world we all live in. 

8. Discover Different Cultures.

Learning a language is always about discovering new traditions because only such an approach will help you to understand the grammar and the way how sentences are being formed. 

9. Expand Your Business Internationally.

You can think about creating an international blog or selling your products internationally. If you have foreign partners and know the language basics, it is always an advantage. This can also help you if want to write a story, write about your experiences and just get your characters from a random name generator.

10. Grow As A Personality.

Learning a foreign language, you will also grow as a person and will feel more confident as you travel or just encounter foreigners in your local community. Just think about impressing them with your skills! 

The Difference Between Your Level of Language Skills 

It will always depend on the reasons why you want to learn a foreign language, yet you should not forget that we all start somewhere. Turn your language learning into a game and take time to learn more about the country and the specifics of pronunciation. For example, if you are majoring in Healthcare, you may consider learning more about the nursing practices in the country by focusing on mobile medical dictionaries. As a rule, if you want to handle such kind of work, you will require relevant language certification. However, if you just want to travel and understand restaurant menus, you can start with the apps like Memrise or DuoLingo that will provide you with the basics! 


As a business expert with a linguistic background, Merissa constantly travels the world to explore and share what she learns. Her posts are like little guides that help and explain how things work. Follow Merissa to learn something new and find inspiration.