The early years of the work of Juice World

Jared’s hometown became Chicago. A little later, the young man, together with his family, will change their place of residence.Now this child has the top merch known as Juice Wrld Merch.The future rap star will spend her childhood in Homewood. Note that Jared graduated from high school there.It is known that when little Jared was 3 years old, his father left the family. It was not easy for the mother, morally and financially. She had to take extra work to pull herself and the child. The American rapper’s mother was a conservative and religious woman. She limited her son in many ways. For example, she forbade Jared to listen to rap. In her opinion, the tracks of most American rappers contained profanity, and this badly influenced the formation of moral foundations and upbringing.In his early years, Jared played video games. In addition, the young man became addicted to pop and rock music. The choice was not great, so young Jared was content with not going against the house rules set by his mother.

How Juice Wrld started his music:

Jared attended music school. The mother did not know how to calm the ardor of her son, so she invited him to attend piano and drum lessons. Jared got hooked on rap since his sophomore year. In his youth, he first tries to read on his own.It cannot be denied that Jared Anthony Higgins suffered from drug addiction. It is known that, as a 6th grade student, he already used codeine, percocets and xanax. In 2013, the health of the future rap star deteriorated sharply.Juice wrld hoodie is also the best product in his merch. His merch is well known merch in the present era.

The use of hard drugs severely crippled Jared’s health. He was forced to leave school due to poor health. Since then, he has only used marijuana.He blamed family problems for his addiction. According to him, he lacked the attention of his father. The mother, however, was always strict with him, and rarely supported the interests of her son.

Death cause of Juice wrld:

Jared didn’t finish high school. However, he had to somehow support himself. That is why the young man got a job at a factory. However, he was dissatisfied with the working conditions.Meanwhile, rap fans began to overwrite the tracks of the unknown rapper more and more. Jared is seriously considering a career as a musician. During this period, he took on a stage name and began to collaborate with Internet Money and producer Nick Myra and released the song Too Much Cash.

Popularity came to the American rapper after the release of EP “9 9 9”. The musical composition Lucid Dreams took the second place on the Billboard Hot 100 and attracted the attention of rap fans all over the world to the music of Juice WRLD. The video clip, which was created by Col Bennett, has received millions of views on the video hosting YouTube. Actually, this brought the rapper contracts with such well-known labels as Grade A Productions and Interscope Records.