Impressive Tips to Follow to attend a Summer Wedding
Impressive Tips to Follow to attend a Summer Wedding

Impressive Tips to Follow to attend a Summer Wedding

Weddings are times of joyful celebrations. They tie up people in a lifetime commitment. We get to meet our old friends and relatives whom we haven’t met in the long run due to the hectic schedules. 

But summer weddings can bring an amount of stress to people. In summers, due to the heat and moisture, it is very hard to wear wedding clothes and stay comfortable for the couple and the guests. It is obvious you won’t be wearing cool t-shirts for men. Summer is uncomfortable both for men and women. Men can’t keep a fresh look on their faces, and for the girls, it is very hard to put on their makeup and wear heavy clothes. It is very difficult for the girls to put on their foundation, lipsticks and other accessories. 

But as weddings are once in a lifetime experience for everyone, everyone does their best to look good and leave a good impression on others. So before attending any wedding in the unbearable heat of summer, you need to go on with some tips and the best outfits to keep yourself comfortable and cool. 

Steps to follow to keep yourself cool and comfortable in Summer Weddings:

  • Take breaks frequently

You can get tired in summer a lot easier than in winter. Due to all the joy and happiness, we don’t remember taking breaks. Our mind gets diverted to the dance and celebration. But we should cool down ourselves and take a cool break from 10 – 15 minutes. We should take a rest in the shade or lay down in front of fans or air conditioners. Besides breaks, we should also continue celebrating and taking photos and refreshing ourselves as we get the best photos in sunlight.

  • Carry your undershirts with you

At weddings, we generally wear suits, three pieces. Suits are really difficult to handle in the heat of summer, so you should wear your undershirts or dry fits. These are very helpful in keeping everything cool and are the best type of shirts to wear underneath. Other t-shirts for men with dry-fit stuff are also available. So undershirts are recommended to keep yourself comfortable in the hot summer.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

You are recommended to keep yourself hydrated. You should take frequent breaks and grab water. Without water, your health can also get affected, which you will not want while attending a wedding. You do not want to miss all the fun. So it is very important to keep your water intake good. You can grab any liquid to keep yourself hydrated. Also, avoid direct contact with the sun for a longer period without any water intake. 

  • Use sunscreens 

Due to the heat, the most affected is our skin from the rays of the sun. You can get a skin burn or allergy. So it is very important to protect your skin and apply sunscreens of your choice or the ones that suit you. Some other products are also available to keep you protected from the rays of the sun. 

  • Fragrance

The celebration at a wedding causes exhaustion, due to which people start sweating. Some people sweat less and some more. With sweat comes the odor, which is very uncomfortable to bear for you and others. So you are advised to carry a deodorant or pocket perfume with you and keep your scent fresh.

These were some steps that you should follow to keep yourself fit, cool and comfortable in the heat of summer. Now once you know about the steps to keep yourself comfortable, it is time for you to know about the best outfits to wear and what not to wear for your summer wedding. 

Things to do

*For both boys and girls, it is advisable not to wear any heavy dresses. Heavy dresses or suits can make you itchy and uncomfortable due to the heat. Girls are advised to wear short dresses or lighter dresses which will comfort you and keep you cool. Boys should avoid three pieces and should wear dry fits underneath, which will keep you cool. You can go with a tailored blazer with a cotton shirt underneath. 

* Go on with suits and dresses of light colours. You can go with colours like blue, green, orange, pink, which will adjust with brightness level. For both men and women, lighter shades are advisable to keep yourself cool. And White Tablecloths are always looks beautiful and peaceful.

* The weather will change as soon as the weather drops. So you are advised to keep something with you to cover you up if the weather changes or if the function is indoor. 

Things not to do

*You are advised not to go on with black colour. In our Indian culture, black is worn at times of sadness, and marriages are times of joy, happiness and fun. Another reason for avoiding black colour is that it absorbs sunlight which is the last thing you will want on a sunny day.

* Do not forget your culture or if there is any dress code. You should dress according to the given dress code.

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