4 Signs of a Good Coffee

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Many of us are used to waking up to a hot cup of coffee in the morning. It’s like a staple that kickstarts the day. But there’s just one thing that’s worse than no coffee in the morning and that’s a bad cup of Joe! When you get up on a groggy Monday morning, you’re looking forward to a hot brew. And if that cup isn’t good, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Coffee acts as an energizer and is perhaps the most widely consumed beverage all around the world after water and tea. Coffee grown without additives and chemicals will also be healthier, and naturally, taste better. So how do you decide if you’re getting coffee that will give you that much-needed boost in the morning? 

If you’ve had one too many dreadful experiences with coffee, here’s a guide to help you differentiate the good from the bad. Here are 4 unmistakable signs of a good coffee; a drink that is sure to boost your energy and mood.

  • The Aroma 

Remember that distinct scent of coffee beans as you pour a hot cup for yourself in the morning? Just the fragrance is enough to titillate our senses! This is your first clue to a good cup of coffee. And for this type of coffee, you must have to try at Australia Muzzbuzz. As their coffee’s aroma will revitalize you.

A good-tasting coffee should have a rich scent; one cannot be ignored. In fact, smelling coffee before even tasting it is known to act as mental stimulation. However, if your cup of coffee has an overpowering and burnt smell or no smell at all, this means that you’ve probably not had access to good coffee beans. 

  • Roast Quality 

If you’re a coffee junkie, you surely want to get your hands on a high-quality coffee. But how do you do that? Of course, you can try it and see, but if you don’t want to risk disturbing your palate, coffee growers have a simple method you can try to decipher the roast quality of your brew.

Take a glass full of ice water and add a spoon of the coffee powder to it. If the coffee stays afloat and does not seep inside, it means you do have good quality coffee. The reason behind this is simple. If the coffee drowns, it means that it has been over-roasted or under roasted, both of which determine that the coffee hasn’t been caramelized properly. With that taken care of, now you can enjoy a pot of coffee every day that’s not a hit or miss.

  • Bean Quality 

The quality of coffee beans is perhaps the most important indicator of a good coffee. Therefore, it pays to know where your coffee comes from. Different places around the world are famous for producing different qualities and flavours. Brazilian and Hawaiian coffee is often widely regarded and liked

Generally, coffee that is free of additives and chemicals is preferred. Good quality coffee beans do not have any paleness, which is otherwise indicative of insufficient drying. The coffee beans should also have a similar size and shape, meaning they will produce a well-rounded and even flavour.

  • Taste

Naturally, the taste is the most consideration when it comes to determining whether you’re having a good cup of Joe. A fine-tasting coffee should have a balance above all. It shouldn’t be too acidic, sweet, or bitter. A healthy balance of all three will yield that distinct, heavenly taste.

Additionally, the coffee should be smooth and not leave a bitter aftertaste. Instead, it should have a fruity, earthy, and nutty aftertaste. In essence, along with aroma, it should not be too harsh on the tongue. Even if you’re a newbie, you’d instantly recognize a high-quality coffee by its roasted and caramelized flavour with a hint of tartness that isn’t too overpowering.

Buy High-Quality Coffee

The key to finding good coffee is the area from which the coffee beans are procured. For people who take their coffee very seriously, finding the right brew is very important and rightly so. When you have so many options of coffees available in the market, the choice becomes even harder. However, with the signs mentioned above, it shouldn’t be very hard to find the perfect mix. 

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