3 Surgeries To Consider if You’re Frustrated By Anti-Aging Products

The anti-aging cream shelf is full of a lot of unfulfilled promises. If you’re reading this today, the odds are good that you’ve tried your fair share of these products, spent hundreds or thousands of dollars, but still haven’t found satisfaction.

The odds are also very good that you’re now considering plastic surgery to shave a few years off your appearance or restore a youthful glow. You may be browsing facelift before and after pictures online and wondering what would work for you.

To help you get all the facts, here are a few of the most popular anti-aging procedures on the market today, and the areas they focus on.

1. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) – The Eyes

Are you dealing with lines or wrinkles around your eyes? Or maybe you have an eyelid that is dropping into your field of vision? The blepharoplasty is most likely your best bet.

Your surgeon will make very small incisions to tighten the skin in the area and give you a more energetic and youthful appearance. This procedure has been particularly popular lately, as millions of people have been forced to take a good long look at their faces during Zoom meetings during the pandemic.

“People are logging into these video meetings and they’re wondering when they started looking so old,” said Dr. Stephen Mulholland, one of the foremost experts on eyelid surgery in Toronto.

“They see their mother in that image and they’re only in their 40s.”

The global lockdown actually led to a surprising boom for the plastic surgery industry that has been dubbed The Zoom Boom. Blepharoplasty has been one of the most requested procedures during that time, and it was the 2ndmost popular procedure of 2020.

2. The Chin Lift – Chin and Jawline

You may also feel like the combination of time and gravity on your face is causing everything to droop down and hang off of your chin.

The natural aging process can lead to loose skin and unwanted fat in the jaw and chin areas, which can lead to the famous double chin or the infamous turkey neck. A chin lift can be the best way to address both of these issues, and give you a more defined jawline.

3. Facelift (Rhytidectomy) – Cheeks, Jaw, and Neck

If you’re concerned with multiple areas of your face, the traditional facelift may be the best way to go. It can address multiple areas with a single surgery.

That being said, there are still a few different options:

  •   Full Facelift: Essentially focused on the bottom two-thirds of your face. Everything except your forehead.
  •   The Mid-Facelift: Gives your lower eyes and cheeks more attention than a traditional facelift.
  •   The Mini-Facelift: The least invasive type of facelift. It is aimed at people in their 40s who don’t need a full facelift.

If you’re looking to address creases and wrinkles in your forehead, you are better off going with a brow lift or forehead lift surgery. This can address things like worry lines or other issues.

Of course, you never want to get too locked into the idea of one particular surgery. Do your homework, but always keep yourself open to other options recommended by your would-be surgeon.