Questions to Ask a Leather Supplier Before Ordering Leather Hides

Leather apparels and accessories are the most classic example of timeless fashion. It was trendy even in the last decade, and still, it is one of the most desirable clothing materials for many. 

Leather is an expensive material because of consistent demand across the fashion industry. That is why manufacturers try to sell imitated leather that looks and feels the same. Some companies like Leffler leather supplier allow you to ask all your questions to confirm that you are getting genuine products. The quality of imitated leather is nowhere near genuine leather. Genuine leather is more durable, and they have a distinctive aroma.

If you are looking to buy genuine leather only, then ask these questions to your supplier. You can ask these questions before you place the order for your leather hides with them.

Which Animal Hide They Will Supply?

The first question that you should ask your supplier is which animal hide they will supply to you. The most common animals for leather hides are cows, calves, and lambs. The leather hide of lamb makes the softest leather. Leather hide from all these animals is used for different purposes. 

The Perfection of the Leather Hide

The second question that you should ask your supplier is related to the perfection of the leather hide. It is an excellent idea to make the terms clear before you place the order. There might be some scratches in the leather hide. Some mistakes while cutting the leather hide can also show up there. A Reputable Leffler leather supplier will give you all the information regarding these things in advance.

Finishing of the Leather Hide

The right finishing of the leather hide is very important. You need to confirm with the supplier regarding the level of finishing they will be offering you on the leather hides. The supplier might use a protective film on the leather to avoid any noticeable damages.

The leather hides without any protective film are known as full aniline leather. They show every characteristic of the leather as there is no protective film on them. You can easily see the damages and scratches on these leathers. The essence of aniline leather hide is that it looks very natural. The look only enhances over time. They can be a great option for you based on your requirements. 

You can also go for semi-aniline leather, which carries forward all the characters from aniline leather. The supplier uses some pigments to provide a better finishing on these leather hides. They are a great option for people looking for a consistent finish.

The third option is pigment leather, where the supplier uses pigments to hide all the signs of damages or defects on the leather. They provide consistent finish and color on the leather.

Color Issues

The finishing of the leather will affect the color of the leather in the long run. You can consider this factor before you place the order for your leather hide. You can ask the manufacturer regarding the color holding capacity of the leather hides. Pigment leather hides tend to hold the color for a longer time. 

Aniline leather hides are the least capable of holding colors among the three. You can consult any professional supplier like Leffler leather supplier to ask your questions before placing your order.