Manage Stress Naturally: Choose Aromatherapy

With the hurried modern-day lifestyles most of us lead, it’s inevitable to be exposed to stress. In a world of changes, it’s safe to say stress has become our constant. Though we’ve come to think of it as something bad, and something to fear, a little of it can do you well as it helps you meet your daily challenges and goals with more efficiency.

The problem arises when this “little” turns into “a lot” to the point of affecting your day to day life, badly impacting your emotional well-being, your relationships, and your ability to handle tasks. Some of the symptoms that result from it include being unable to focus due to feeling helpless and out of control, having difficulty catching some shut-eye, and feeling out of energy.

The more chronic it becomes, leading to issues in the form of panic attacks, worries and anxieties, the more stress starts taking its toll on your immune system, blood pressure, stomach, cardiovascular and mental health as well as sex life. In other words, besides negatively affecting your physical health, it also interferes with the quality of life.

Seeking the Solution to Stress

Many of us found ourselves experiencing higher rates of anxiety and depression when the COVID-19 pandemic started. If you too are struggling to cope more often than not, know that you’re not alone.

Once you take the courageous step of acknowledging the problem, it’s time to make some extra steps forward, like seeking professional help from a therapist, and finding the time to do more of what makes you happy – it could be meditation, hobbies like colouring books, and pampering self-care sessions. 

In addition, we suggest trying the help of aromatherapy by acquiring your chosen pure and certified stress essential oil or a bunch of them in a blend to reap more of their benefits.

Aromatherapy to the Rescue!

For generations, cultures from around the globe have harnessed the power of scent by using the advantages of aromatherapy so it’s certainly not something new. Apart from all the benefits essential oils have, when it comes to treating stress specifically they are of help with decreasing the levels of cortisol, better known as the stress hormone, while also changing one’s brain waves.

This has a positive impact on anxiety, depression and the symptoms you’re feeling as a result. Considering we’re all different, it’s only logical that we don’t all respond the same to certain oils, which is why we’re going to name some of the most common oils for anxiety that have been studied for their natural stress-relieving effects so you have more options to pick from.

You have the chance to use the oils in a number of ways, from inhaling them directly from the bottles, and diffusing them with aromatherapy diffusers and humidifiers, to adding them to the bath, the bedding, as well as your skin. To be on the safe side from allergic reactions and burns, when using them topically dilute them with your choice of carrier oils.


If there’s one choice that’s widely accepted as a stress essential oil, it’s got to be lavender. Known for its anxiolytic properties, it has a gentle calm and cooling effect on our spirits. Not only will it assist you with calming your nerves and relieving tension, it’s also going to become your favourite for improving sleep, treating sore throat and coughs at home, and reducing inflammation from burns, sunburns, wounds, and insect bites.


The amazing exotic and sweet scent of jasmine is just what you need if you require the solution that would uplift your mood. Inhaling a bit of it is sure to bring comfort to your emotions, relieve stress and anxiety, and inspire confidence and trust. If this wasn’t enough, it’s also said to have aphrodisiac effects so if you need some help with the sex drive aromatherapy can also come in handy.


The invigorating citrusy scent of this oil is key in promoting a positive outlook on life which could be of help if you find your troubles to be weighing you down. Along with improving negative emotions, and promoting relaxation, it should be on your list if you’re looking for some help with boosting your immune system and appetite.


The sweet fragrance of this handy stress essential oil, that comes from the flowers of the plant, is perfect for unwinding and relaxing as it’s the key to reducing the production of cortisol as well as other stress hormones. Another of its famous benefits is promoting sound and restful sleep, and you can also use it to treat temper tantrums too as much as allergies.

Clary Sage

The woody and herbal aroma of this oil is known as the perfect antidote for anxiety, stress and mild depression. As you use it, you’re going to feel the nervous fatigue being reduced thanks to its calming properties. Moreover, it’s also said to be yet another one that should be on your list of aphrodisiac oils, and it’s famous as a girl’s best friend too since it promotes relaxation during that time of the month.


The floral scent of this oil has sedative and muscle relaxing properties which is why it finds its way among other essential oils for anxiety. While calming you and reducing the fatigue, it would also help you maintain your alertness. You’d come to appreciate it for its antimicrobial and astringent properties as well, and it might assist you with skin oil production too.


The sweet marjoram aroma is ideal when treating the anxious and cluttered mind as it helps soothe and ease tension thus improving muscle and nerve function. Besides lightening your troubles, it’s also handy with easing headaches, menstruation cramps, and might even be your choice of oil to fight colds and the flu.


The woody aroma of this oil is ideal for increasing energy while reducing anxiety. Thanks to the earthy scent, it’s perfect to be used for your yoga, meditation, tai chi and other soothing and calming practices that connect you to the earth.


If you’re looking for the stress essential oil that can help relieve stress and anxiety while offering you the aroma of a luxurious eau de parfum, it’s got to be neroli with its sweet and spicy fragrance. Its comforting effects are said to stop excessive worrying, and even positively affecting sleep. Besides the boost of moods, it may also improve menopausal symptoms and lower blood pressure.


If you want to know what peace of mind smells like, it’s rose essential oil. The sensual and subtle aroma is crucial in supporting the circulatory system, which is how it helps slow down the breathing rate and decrease blood pressure. In addition to this, it also has calming effects on the nervous system.


Yet another one you can add to the list of aphrodisiac oils, the slightly sweet aroma of ylang-ylang can help you reduce stress while improving your mood and self-esteem. And as it supports the circulatory system it can increase the libido. Taking into account this influence on sexual energy, it could be your go-to choice for enhancing the relationship with your partner.