Indoor Tanning

The fair skin complex has been ended to a great extent in the modern world. People are now attracted to tanned skin. Apart from outdoor tanning, people are now considering indoor tanning as well. And, when we talk about indoor tanning, we could not neglect the importance that tanning beds and tanning lotion play in giving people their desired tanned skin. But, it’s very important to learn tanning bed meaning before you add them to your lifestyle along with the indoor tanning lotions.

What are Tanning Beds?

Tanning bed meaning is very important to understand. A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiations to make their skin darker. Tanning beds are the most popular method of indoor tanning. Tanning beds use special fluorescent lamps that give out visible and ultraviolet light. Tanning beds use a clear shield or a type of plastic that lets most of the ultraviolet lights pass through. Also, the mots of the tanning beds have a cooling fan system that prevents electronics to become so hot.

Every tanning bed has a timer that limits the amount of time a person is exposed to UV rays. Because definitely tanning beds are not the safest option. They can cause you to sunburn as well if you stay exposed for a long time.

Indoor Tanning Lotions:

Indoor tanning lotions are a good method to get you tanned without actually exposing yourself to the radiations very much. They increase the production of melanin and accelerate your tanning process. The indoor tanning lotions are usually used with an ultraviolet source like a tanning bed and booth. They usually don’t offer protection from the sun and are not intended to use outdoors.

How to use a tanning bed safely?

How to use a tanning bed safely is the most asked question for people who are worried about getting a safe tan. Here are some of the steps that you should follow to answer your question of how to use a tanning bed safely.

  • Firstly look for the “indoor tanning near me” and choose the best salon to get yourself tanned.
  • Then, you should go for a low or medium pressure tanning bed for a natural-looking tan, but you can opt for the high-pressure tan to get a long-lasting tan.
  • Make sure that you have taken your skin analysis test and examined the cleanliness of the tanning bed or booth.
  • Prepare your skin for the tanning session, by taking some walks in the parks and using sunscreens.
  • Moisturize and exfoliate your skin before the tanning session appointments.
  • Apply the indoor tanning lotion an hour before your appointment, as it will help you give the perfect tan.
  • Wear the bathing suit to protect your sensitive skin areas to avoid skin irritation, if you don’t want to be tanned nude. But, if opting for tanning nude, don’t forget the moisturizer.
  • Use nail coverings to prevent the yellowish color, and hide your tattoos if you have some.
  • Wearing tanning bed goggles is your ultimate answer to “how to use tanning bed safely” as it will save your eyes from getting harmful radiations.
  • Do not use harsh soaps, and fragrant beauty products, after your tanning session.
  • Another thing that you should take care of, is the correct position in the tanning bed and booths.

Tanning Bed Benefits:

Along with every modern device, its pros and cons come as well. And, tanning beds are also not spared. Tanning bed benefits are important to discuss, as it’s gaining popularity very much.

  • Fast Process:

Tanning beds emit 3 times more UV rays that help you get the tan faster, and is one of the best tanning bed benefits.  

  • Source of Vitamin D:

Tanning beds help your skin make Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy skin. Vitamin D helps in the mineralization of bone and bone growth.

  • The feeling of Relaxation:

After you have used the tanning bed for getting yourself tanned, many tanners often experience the feeling of relaxation and euphoria because of the increased serum beta-endorphin.

  • Medical Purpose:

Tanning bed benefits include medical purposes as well. Medically, UVB light therapy is used to treat keratosis, psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

  • Treatment of Psoriasis:

Commercial tanning beds may not effectively treat psoriasis, so a combined therapy named PUVA is used. It’s a combination of UV light along with an oral or topical medication “Psoralen”.

Dangers of Indoor Tanning:

Dangers of indoor tanning come along with the pros of tanning beds, and standup booths.

  • Cancer Risk:

Skin cancer is one of the common dangers of indoor tanning. The more the UV light exposure, the more the risk. You can get many skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

  • Eye Damage:

It can do irreversible damage to the eyes and can cause potential blindness. Ocular melanoma and cataracts are the other dangers of indoor tanning.

  • Premature Aging:

The indoor tanning loses elasticity and causes the wrinkles prematurely. Although the leathery look may not show up until many years.

  • Immune Suppression:

The UV rays suppress the proper functioning of the body’s immune system and the skin’s natural defenses, leaving you more vulnerable to diseases.

  • Allergic Reactions:

Some people may develop itchy rashes and other adverse effects.

Tanning Bed Prices:

If you are planning to put your tanning bed for sale then you must have a rough idea of tanning bed prices.

You can look for tannings bed for sale on websites like Alibaba, eBay, and other numerous websites.

The average tanning bed prices are:

  • A commercial tanning bed ranges from $2500 to $6500 with the various electricity, efficiency, and tanning time.
  • While the residential tanning beds range from $1500 to $3700 with considerable quality and durability.


The never-ending love of tanned bronze skin is making tanning beds and tanning lotion popular or more commonly we say, indoor tanning popular. Whether you prefer the residential tanning bed as it is much more friendly than your normal commercial tanning bed sessions, tanning your skin efficiently is important. So, it’s very important to learn the benefits and risks along with other basic points to make your tanning session bot effective and safe.