Choose The Right Perfume And Personify Your Style Statement!

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Choosing a perfume might be intimidating for some people, but for many, it is not. For such people, buying perfumes is an overwhelming task. So, here’s a guide to choosing the best perfume for yourself. 

Know Your Notes!

Before choosing a perfume, one of the first things to consider is to know the different notes perfume has. Every type of perfume has its notes that accommodate layers of scents and thus create an exquisite bouquet. Individuals pick up on distinctive notes that become more observable with time. 

These notes further have three different layers-

  • The base notes: These are the richer notes. However, one cannot detect them instantly. It takes nearly half an hour to identify them. These notes are essential to enhance the depth of a perfume fragrance. Furthermore, they also back up the middle or heart notes to produce the top theme of the scent. 
  • The middle or heart notes: Contrary to the name, these notes emerge as the head notes (with time), constituting the vital part of the scent.
  • The top or head notes: The immediate fragrance we smell on applying the perfume is the top notes. They diminish quickly. However, they are the only ones that hit our noses. 

These notes regulate the overall scent by working together in synergy to create a particular smell. For example, rose, geranium, and gardenia are the scent notes for a floral Prada perfume for women. Likewise, for other fruitier fragrances, citrus or apple can be the scent notes. However, spicy notes like star anise or cinnamon make exotic perfumes. 

Not that only women’s scent contains notes, men’s scents consist of fragrance notes as well. They vary from musk scents to pine scents. These scents may also consist of leather-based notes to give a more masculine tone. 

So while choosing the cologne, always look for the base notes it contains and then make a purchase decision. 

Choose concentration!

Fragrances have different concentrations. The higher the fragrance concentration, the more its price. The fragrance concentration has further categorization on different levels. 


They have the highest concentration of fragrance and hence fall on the first level in the category. Parfum lasts for longer than any other perfume. 

Eau de Parfum

These colognes fall on the second level. They can last for five to six hours. 

Eau de Toilette

It is the third level of fragrance. To make it last for a day, it needs more than one application throughout the day. 

Eau de Cologne

The fragrance of this perfume lasts for 2-3 hours and hence falls on the fourth level of fragrance concentration. You might need its application thrice a day. 

Test the fragrance before buying!

Running some fragrance tests before buying the perfume provides you a better idea about your choice. So, put a bit of fragrance from perfume testers on your skin and analyze the smell. The fact is our skin responds to several pheromones or hormones uniquely, thereby altering the perfume fragrance slightly or sometimes extremely. Our chemical makeup responds to every type of smell. So, let your skin feel the scent! 

This practice would also help you choose the best Calvin Klein women’s perfume gift set for your best friend! Doing research beforehand to get the best perfume of your choice will prove the right decision for you. 

With a pool of options available, shopping for perfume might not always be an easy task, but it is engaging.