Where to Buy Cute Kpop Photocard Binders?

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where to buy cute kpop photocard binders

A die-hard Kpop stan needs a cute binder to store their precious photocards. Some collectors buy those big white office binders, decorate them with stickers and they just buy UltraPro sleeves for it. While some like me, prefer something compact, already cute but there’s still room for customization. If you’re looking for something like that, then check my list below on where to buy cute Kpop photocard binders. Take note, I’ve based in the Philippines so these stores are available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore if the seller ships in there.

Where to buy Kpop Photocard Binders?

1. BEON D – This is one of the most popular Korean binders and sleeves brands in Korea and they now officially launched in Shopee Philippines. I am personally using their Deco Pocket A5 Wide 6ring Binder with Thomson Sleeves for large photo cards like the ARMY Bomb, Hybe Insight, and Sowoozoo photocards. My favorite thing about their binders is that you can customize the cover.

2. BIBIMCAT – This Indonesian-based store sells cute jelly binders, and what I like about it is that they sell themed binders like BTS, BlackPink, Enhypen, Astro, EXO, Stray Kids, and more (the photo above was from them). They also have those popular THENCE binders, and tiny keyring binders that where you can keep those ID-size photocards. Besides binders, they also sell keychains and stickers to decorate your binders.

3. LULUROOM – This one is a Korean-based seller where has the most stocks of those popular Korean-brand binders such as Wanna This, Been D, and Jam Studio. They also sell Sanrio photocard holder keyrings, stickers, and everything you need for photocard collecting and journaling. But what I like the most is that they sell a variety of sleeve refills for the binders, not just standard card size but also postcards, square polaroids, and more.

4. WITH HANNA – This is a new store in Shopee and also based in Korea. They have a variety of Sanrio and Been D binders. They also sell kpop albums, stickers, holographic sleeves, magazines, and Jungkook’s Teazen Kombucha.

5. DREAMING TREASURE – This Philippine-based seller is my go-to shop for Sanrio keyring photocard holders and binders. Their on-hand stocks are limited tho but you can follow them on Instagram for details on a group buy pre-orders.

NOTE: Most of the binders sold in the market are made of PVC that can damage the color of your photocard collection, that is why some collectors uses a PVC-free/acid-free card sleeves to protect their photocards. Here are my list on where to buy those card sleeves.

So far these are the only shops I know where to buy cute kpop photocard binders. If I found more, I’ll update this list.