Optimizing Laser Hair Removal Treatments

laser hair removal treatments

Laser hair removal treatment is truly an innovative new way by which grooming is done. Looking to constantly remove hair every single week because hair grows really quickly means that a significant amount of time and effort is given to achieve the desired results and maintain them. Well, with laser hair removal, you will no longer have to worry about that for quite some time! Laser hair removal allows for hair growth delays and essentially reducing the amount of hair growth in those pesky areas you want groomed. But before going to treatment, how can one truly maximize the effects of hair removal treatments? Here are a few useful tips!

  • Understand the procedure

The procedure revolves around the use of a laser beam to access the hair follicles through the skin. The hair follicles, due to the pigment in it called melanin, will effectively absorb the light transmitted to it by the laser beam, turning it into heat energy which essentially burns off and destroys the follicle. This delays hair growth for a while.

This being said, to maximize the results, a patient should coordinate the tone of their skin with their practitioners before even planning an appointment as this will help these clinics prepare the correct laser with the correct wavelengths to ensure that it penetrates the skin without being absorbed and is only absorbed by the hair follicle.

This also goes without saying: don’t get a tan immediately before your procedure! Any alteration in your skin tone prior to the procedure will mean that your skin is absorbing the light of the laser, essentially burning you. While this is not too harmful, it makes the procedure much more painful than it should be!

  • Choose the right place

Prior to booking an appointment, make sure to choose the right place with the best equipment and will provide you with a procedure that’s truly worth it. Finding a laser hair removal clinic in London can be done online and some of them are the best clinics to go to. Always look for information online prior to heading out, making sure that they have great staff and amazing facilities to truly cater to your need and provide you with the best treatment that you deserve!

  • Make the correct preparations

In order to further optimize your results, make sure to not apply topical active onto your skin at least a week before your scheduled appointment, as well as not have any waxing done a month prior. Through this, the effects of the laser hair removal treatment will be maximized.

Immediately prior to the laser hair removal treatment, shaving will be required on the areas wherein the treatment will be applied. Therefore, should you not be particularly comfortable with others shaving you in preparation of the procedure, you may opt to shave at home with quality shaving cream at the day of the appointment, preparing you for the treatment effectively.

  • Consistency!

Lastly, be consistent with your appointments. The 30-minute appointments will have to be done 8 times to feel the fully maximized effects of the laser hair removal treatment and finishing this is vital to ensuring that your results are the best.