How to Craft the Perfect Routine to Tame Your Hair


Finding the perfect routine for your hair type is necessary to help you keep your hair healthy. If you have not assessed the needs of your hair in a long time, it is not too late. Once you begin your routine and remain consistent with it, you will find your hair’s texture improving gradually. That said, there are a few steps that you need to follow, and a few factors you need to consider before you can craft that routine. 

Define your hair type

Before you can choose the appropriate products for your hair, you need to identify what’s your hair type. You can determine this by the look of your hair, whether it’s curly, wavy, or straight. You also need to see if your hair is dull, dry, frizzy, or oily and whether your hair is thick or fine. Once you know the answers to these questions you can move onto the next step. 

Evaluate Your Hair’s Needs

Now that you know what your hair looks like and have defined its texture and feel, you can determine what your hair needs. Your hair may be damaged by heat, color, or harsh environment that can cause your hair to dry up, or your scalp to get oily.

Your hair may need some definition, so your curls may not be defined. Your hair may also be frizzy, lack shine, and appear flat and without volume. These are just some examples of what your hair may need which can help you with your routine. 

Crafting Your Routine

Your hair care routine includes the washing, drying, and styling stages of hair care. Different hair requires different treatments, which is why you were first required to understand your hair’s needs. Now we can move on to finding the right product for you. 


You should buy a shampoo that suits your hair type and texture and use it once or twice a week. If you exercise or are prone to breakouts, you can shampoo your hair more often. Prose offers customized shampoos with clean ingredients, which you can use with a conditioner. Use a moisturizing shampoo for curly hair, sulfate-free shampoo for straight or wavy hair, and a conditioning mask for coiled hair. 


Try to avoid using heating tools at all times, as heat can damage your hair. If you need to use those tools, make sure to use a deep conditioner weekly. Avoid using a towel to dry out your hair, as that increases frizz, and instead use a t-shirt. 


If you are using any heating tool to style your hair, use a hair serum or hair protectant to coat your hair. This additional layer can prevent your hair from getting damaged by the high temperatures. 


A hair care routine is a simple way to ensure that you take care of the way they look. Well cared hair also looks better when they are styled as they look smooth, shiny, and free of any obvious damages. Once you have started a routine, stick to it to observe an obvious improvement.