How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Did you know that women in the United States spend an estimated $55,000 on hair care throughout their lifetime? This includes regular maintenance, like shampooing, salon visits, and specialty products.

You may be wondering, how often should you cut your hair to maintain its health and natural shine? Here is the definitive guide, as well as some of the benefits of cutting your hair on a regular basis.

Look for Visible Damage

The most obvious sign that you need a trim is visible damage to your hair. When you go too long without getting a haircut, your hair will dry out at the ends, causing split ends and breakage that will make your strands more fragile.

Sometimes you can accelerate damage by using harsh chemicals or styling products. One of the most obvious types of damage is heat damage, usually from straightening and curling irons or blow dryers.

If you want to prevent more damage from occurring before you need a haircut, try putting a heat protectant on your strands before using a styling tool. You can also avoid using products that will cause your hair to break more easily and warrant an early trip to the beauty salon.

Trim Frequency Based on Hair Length

Although there is not a hard and fast rule on when you should cut your hair, there are some guidelines depending on the length and style. Short hair, for example, should be trimmed every few weeks, because styles such as bobs will grow out and lose shape quicker.

For longer hair, you can usually get away with a few months between trims because you have more hair to work with. Long hair may not start to lose its shape and style until around the 12-week mark. You can go four or five times a year to a local beauty salon to get your hair cut and keep it healthy.

Folks with wavy and curly hair have a recommended time of between six and nine weeks, with periods of up to 12 weeks for textured locks.

Prevent More Breakage

If you want to extend the time between when to cut your hair, you should take charge to keep it healthy and prevent breakage. You can use special products to limit heat exposure, or let your hair air-dry more often so that it will not dry out as quickly.

You may also want to look into your hair washing regimen. Some textures should only be washed two to three times every week, or even once a week, to prevent drying out your strands. Keeping hair looking and feeling radiant will help you go longer between haircuts.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Are you still asking, “How often should you cut your hair?” The truth is, there is no completely right answer. With these tips, you can determine when it is time for a trim or style update.

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