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Different Types of Mesotherapy Treatments

For people not yet familiar with micro-injections, the word “mesotherapy” may sound somewhat otherworldly. But don’t be mistaken – this treatment is based on scientific knowledge. Like any other developed approach, mesotherapy branched into several different types, creating a variety of ways to deal with premature aging, balding, and other beauty concerns. This article presents a brief review of the variety of mesotherapy types and common issues they’re designed to address.

What is mesotherapy and what is it good for?

Mesotherapy makes up for the lack of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals by injecting them directly into the mesodermal layer (or, in simple words, middle layer) of the skin. For those patients who dislike being injected, there are several alternative techniques as well.

After being delivered into the mesodermal layer, the solution stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. With age, the levels of these fibers decline. Mesotherapy treatment restores their quantity, providing additional nourishment with vitamins and other beneficial components.

Mesotherapy works as a way to treat:

  • Cellulite
  • Fine lines
  • Excess fat
  • Hair thinning
  • Other issues like dryness, loose and dull skin, etc.

Hyaluronic acid and skin rejuvenation mesotherapy

Hyaluronic acid is among the most popular active ingredients in mesotherapy. Its properties provide facial rejuvenation by improving the skin surface and texture in the place of the injection. This acid is the natural component of the dermis that can be applied to different areas of the face and the body. It prevents the development of premature wrinkles and improves the overall glow and beauty of the face by assisting collagen and elastin in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair loss can also be treated with mesotherapy. This non-surgical technique is going to be effective if the reason for the hair thinning and balding lies within some sort of deficiency. Therefore a shot can make up for the lack. The injection is being made right into the scalp, allowing a cocktail to be absorbed by hair follicles, thus improving their health and condition.

Alternative mesotherapy treatments

It is possible to achieve the effect of mesotherapy aesthetic treatment without using any injections. It can be done with electroporation, lasers, and a device with micro-needles. It is important not to mistake micro-needling for an injection. A patient won’t feel a needle going under their skin. The procedure is relaxing, leaves no bruising, and massages without any pain.

How many sessions does mesotherapy typically require?

The number of visits for mesotherapy treatment depends on the skin condition and the anticipated results. Usually, people go through 4-8 procedures, each about 30 minutes – 1 hour long. The recommended break between treatments is 1-3 weeks.

How long does mesotherapy take to work?

The impact of the received treatment is not immediate. It takes about a week after the beginning of the procedure to deliver the first results. The effect is accumulative, and the number of appointments is to be discussed with a professional.

In conclusion

Because the process of mesotherapy requires injections rather than topical application, it helps to address the underlying reasons for skin health problems, not just contain the symptoms. The introduced solutions enrich the mesodermal layer with acids, vitamins, and minerals, thus improving the levels of collagen and elastin, postponing aging, and treating other related cosmetic issues.

A treatment schedule depends on the skin type, the issues themselves, and other details that are to be discussed with a professional. When done correctly, mesotherapy can deliver exceptionally good results, enhancing the appearance of both skin and hair.