where to buy bts japanese album

Where to Buy BTS Japanese Album?

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Last March 25th, it was announced that BTS will drop a new Japanese-language album called “BTS, The Best”. And so fans, especially the new ones, are searching for places where to buy BTS Japanese album. And luckily for you, I know many places.

But first, what to expect with the new BTS Japanese album?

It contains a total of 23 songs including the new song and their already existing hit songs, is scheduled to be released on June 16th. The album will include popular songs like Dynamite, Stay Gold among others. “Film Out” their news song was released on April 2 (12 am KST) along with its Music Video will also be part of the album.

M1. Film out
M2. DNA -Japanese ver.-
M3. Best Of Me -Japanese ver.-
M4. Lights
M5. Blood, sweat, tears -Japanese ver.-
M6. FAKE LOVE -Japanese ver.-
M7. Black Swan -Japanese ver.-
M8. Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-
M9. Go Go -Japanese ver.-
M10. IDOL -Japanese ver.-
M11. Dionysus -Japanese ver.-
M12. MIC Drop -Japanese ver.-
-Bonus Track-
M13. Dynamite
M1. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-
M2. Stay Gold
M3. Let Go
M4. Spring Day -Japanese ver.-
M5. ON -Japanese ver.-
M6. Don’t Leave Me
M7. Not Today -Japanese ver.-
M8. Make It Right -Japanese ver.-
M9. Your eyes tell
M10. Crystal Snow
where to buy bts japanese album

Where to Buy BTS Japanese Album?

BTS Official Shop Japan – The latest album is now available for pre-order in the official BTS Japan store. You don’t need to register to be able to buy an album here, you can checkout as a guest. However, your browser needs a translator if you don’t read Japanese and they don’t ship internationally so you will need a forwarder like BuyAndShip. The only thing great on pre-ordering here is if you’re a member of the BTS Japan Fan Club because they have exclusive perks for the members.

Weverse Global Store – After a month of opening the pre-orders in BTS Japan and Universal Music Store, it’s finally available here for pre-order too. However, the pre-order benefit will be different from Japan’s and it’s only available if you bought set A, B, or C. And the direct shipping is not also available to the Philippines, so you have to use a Korean Forwarder.

Oshare PH – I highly recommend this buyer based in Japan. What’s great about them is that they ship to the Philippines and also internationally straight from Japan. Upon writing this, I already ordered a bunch of stuff from them, such as Japanese snacks and BT21 merch from them, including the BT21 EX-L Plushie and the Universal Music Store Limited Edition “BTS, The Best” Album. Check my Instagram or YouTube for the unboxing.

Kpop Merch – This is one of my go-to Kpop merch sellers in Shopee. Though a lot of people say they’re too pricey, well, it is true compared to resellers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But actually, if you use a Korean Forwarder or Weverse direct shipping the amount of money you’ll spend on those will be almost the same as Kpop Merch prices. The only advantage of buying from them is you’re protected by Shopee Guarantee.

CD Japan – I’ve learned about this store from International ARMYs who are collecting the Japanese albums. They ship internationally via DHL and you can also pre-order the latest album here.

Cokodive – This is the most popular Kpop Merch Store online especially with influencers because they always give discount coupons. If course, the latest BTS Japan album is also available for pre-order in their store. I personally already shopped here and they ship via FedEx or DHL.

Ktown4u – Another popular merch store among Kpop fans, I haven’t personally shop in here but a lot of the fans I know does. This store specializes in albums and all purchases are counted in Hanteo and Gaon Charts.

So far, these are the only shops I know where to buy BTS Japanese album where you can pre-order the last “BTS, The Best” but if I found more, I’ll update this site. For now, don’t forget to stream “Film Out”.