Where to Buy BT21 Japan Photocard Holder?

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where to buy bt21 japan photocard holder

Before I list down where to buy the BT21 Japan photocard holder, here’s a brief background about BT21, just in case you don’t know them yet. It is the brand and its characters were born from a collaborative project between LINE FRIENDS and BTS. You can learn more about them, especially the story of each character on their YouTube page.

  1. Line Friends Japan – Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock here for THE SECOND TIME. They restock but it only took minutes before fans bought them all. But you can still sign up and wait.
  2. Amazon Japan – You can buy a bunch of BT21 Japan merch from the seller called “Tokyo Solomon Shop” and here are the links for each characters:

Both of these shops don’t ship to the Philippines, and so you will need a forwarder. Here is my guide.


With Hanna – This is a Shopee seller based in Korea. They’re new though that’s why there are not many ratings yet I assure you their products are legit from South Korea. This is where I actually bought one of my Sanrio binders.

Oshare PH – They are my go-to shop for Japanese snacks and Japan-exclusive BTS merch. They sell the BT21 photocard holders for Php400 each but hurry because it really sold out fast in Japan.

Aling Noona – They are my go-to shop for vintage BTS merch like the collector’s item Summer Package 2017 and 5th Muster. But they also do pasabuy of the latest BTS and BT21 merch. (This is where I bought my RJ and Cooky BT21 photocard holders). If it is not listed on their website, you can their personal shopper service. Just send them a DM on Instagram @alingnoona or email them, here are the details.

Deku Shopu – I recently discovered this shop through a fellow collector but I already ordered the Japan exclusive Ichiban Kuji TinyTan Plushies from them. Just like Oshare above, they’re also Japan shoppers and they also sell these BT21 photocard holders, just send them a DM.

You can also check these…

Alternatively, check out the Sanrio Photocard holders as well. They are equally cute! You can find them in Sanrio Store in Amazon Japan as well. I personally have the Kuromi and My Melody.

So far these are the only shops I know where to buy BT21 Japan photo cardholders, if I found more, I’ll update this list.