teazen kombucha review

I Tried BTS Jungkook’s Kombucha For 7 Days & This is What I Think

Today’s post is about the drink that got sold out because of BTS member, Jungkook. If you’re reading this, I assume you already know who he is and familiar with how BTS sold out anything they touch. You’re just curious if it is worth buying the 30-piece box of this drink. Am I right? If yes, then keep scrolling to read (or watch) my Teazen Kombucha review and where you can buy it.

But first, what is Kombucha?

jungkook teazen kombucha review

If you’re not yet familiar with Kombucha, according to Healthline, it is a fermented drink that has been consumed for thousands of years, Not only does i has the same benefits as tea, it is also rich in probiotics.

Kombucha also contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria, and may help fight several diseases. It also provides the benefits of green tea, so it can help increase the number of calories you burn, reduce belly fat, improve cholesterol levels, help with blood sugar control and more.

Teazen Kombucha Review

How to Drink?

This particular brand of Kombucha can be drunk with cold or hot water. But it’s summer in my country right now and so I prefer to drink this with ice-cold water. I don’t know if it is because of the weather, but I find it more refreshing and tastier when drank cold.

Kombucha is best consumed with an empty stomach, and so I drink this before breakfast. I eat my meal after at least 15 minutes.

You will also notice that this drink foams when you add water. Kombucha contains yeast and so that reaction is normal.


The taste for me is 3.5 out of five. It’s an acquired taste. It’s like Nestea Lemon mixed with cola.

I have been drinking the Teazen Kombucha for 7 days and I do notice that my constipation has improved. It works much better than my usual probiotic drink. However, I can't give a review if it works on helping to reduce weight because I'm not on that kind of diet.
Helps with your digestion
Has a lot of health benefits
It's an acquired taste

Where to Buy the Teazen Kombucha?

(Korean Oppa’s Choice)
Php629 for 10 pcs
Php1299 for 30 pcs with a free tumbler
This is “Korean Oppa’s Choice” store,
my go-to Korean-based seller in Shopee.
(With Hanna)
Php960 for 30 pcs w/o tumbler
Php549 for 10 pcs
This is a new shop where I also bought
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Shopee (Sui Sui PH)Php399Philippine-based. On-Hand
Shopee (Luluroom)Php500 – 10 pcs
Php1100 – 30 pcs
Also based in South Korea
Cokodive$23 for 10 pcs
$38 for 30 pcs with a free tumbler
They ship internationally

After BTS fans, aka the ARMY, learned about the brand of Jungkook’s kombucha, the lemon variant sold out practically everywhere, even outside of South Korea. Even Jungkook admitted on his V Live that he had a hard time buying the lemon flavor and only managed to get 2 packs. And because of all that, the Teazen company donated 50 Million Won as a thank you for increased sales.