Prevent Forehead Wrinkles and Aging

How to Prevent Forehead Wrinkles and Aging in Your 20s

The 20s is the time when everything in our life is taking a huge shift. From making significant career choices to having life alterations, the 20s are a time of stress and constant worry. And to add to this collection of stress, many women struggle to prevent forehead wrinkles. While skincare is an important part of many women’s routine, wrinkles at 25 sound like a nightmare. 

We all end up searching ‘How to get rid of forehead wrinkles’ or reasons for forehead wrinkles at 25, but the truth is if you do not work and prevent these forehead wrinkles on time, then it might be too late in a few years. 

No, we don’t mean to frighten you but guide you to live your 20s in a way that makes these ten confusing years the best decade of your life, also many smart ways to prevent forehead wrinkles. 

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles at 25

Even though premature wrinkles are a symptom of heart issues and diseases, it is not always the case. So before you search your symptoms on google and match them to the deadliest disease present, we suggest you read our guide. 

The truth is, forehead wrinkles at 25 nowadays are not that big of a deal. The environment, pollution, atmosphere, work stress, pandemic, and many other reasons increase stress. Not to mention our unhealthy habits that add that extra fat to the love handles and our thighs and become a reason for premature aging. 

To put it simply, forehead wrinkles are because of our constant expressions that cause the tissues in our forehead to thin and get permanent lines. Imagine the stress caused to our forehead muscles and now consider the emotions you go through the entire day. Isn’t it fair?

Forehead wrinkles are not always a sign of aging. It is just a sign of being humans, and the good thing is you can prevent forehead wrinkles with just the right skincare and little modifications here and there. 

However, some of the main and most common causes of forehead wrinkles are:

  • Smoking

Smoking is detrimental to your entire body, and there is no reason it will be kind to your skin. Cigarettes contain tobaccos and more than 7000 toxic chemicals that are all harmful to the human body. Most importantly, smoking disturbs the human circulation system and alters the blood composition with its ingredients such as tobacco and nicotine. 

Hence the addiction you have and the withdrawal symptoms that bring the loud thumping in your head. For people who smoke, premature aging is common, and their skin also becomes dry and less elastic as time passes and their connection with cigarettes becomes stronger. 

  • Sun

It is safe to say that our uncared attitude towards earth has successfully depleted many parts of the Ozone layer. Not to mention the pollution and the, oh so loved activity of cutting trees messes us with the ecosystem. Doesn’t it seem fair when nature takes revenge?

Sun rays are one of the most harmful rays to fall on your skin, and we believe even the laser comes second. And unprotected sun rays are extremely carcinogenic, so they cause skin cancer. These sun rays cause the breakdown of DNA and most of which are not repairable by our body. So while you are getting that sunbath on the beach, think about the consequences of not wearing sunblock. 

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  • Genetics

We all have envied someone who is blessed with good genes. Someone with naturally clean skin, shiny, silky hair, or even a fast metabolism digests food very quickly. Genetics is a pretty much defining factor in how our lives will be played out.

However, you can control your habits and prevent forehead wrinkles with proper caution and care, but sometimes doing everything doesn’t even work as much as you would want to. And this is when you have to accept ‘It is what it is.’

  • Stress

Those quotes on the internet that ask you not to overthink? Yup, those are right. Overthinking and stress are one of the major reasons leading to stress and aging. You know you could be cutting serious years out of life just because you worry too much. 

What’s the point of worrying too much about the future when you won’t even live that long to experience it? Take our advice, do not cut your life short with constant worrying.

Prevent Forehead Wrinkles

Enough with the tough love, now there are ways (proven ways) that can help you reduce wrinkles. The science behind the forehead wrinkles at 25 is simple. UV light or other unhealthy habits breaks down the elastin and collagen in our skin. These two are responsible for maintaining the elasticity and tightness of the skin. 

As you lose collagen, the DNA cannot replace at the same rate as it is being broken down. Thus the collagen broken is greater than collagen regenerated, hence wrinkles. But if you restore that balance in some way or altogether prevent it, you could avoid wrinkles. ASEA can help you achieve that balance.

Don’t worry; we have some basic ways and hacks to prevent forehead wrinkles. And the best part? You will not even have to go the extra mile to practice these habits. 

  • Avoid Sugary Snacks 
  • You Ignore Sunblock
  • You Sleep On Your Stomach
  • You Use Too Many chemicals on your skin
  • You take a lot of stress
  • You do not use proper Skincare products
  • You are harsh with your skin
  • You Don’t Drink Much Water

Final Words

Skincare specialists recommend the ultimate hack to better skin, and it is always more water. People who have worked hard and succeeded in having clear skin know the value and role of water in it. Having pretty and clear skin is not a day’s but a series of days with a proper skincare regime and a healthy routine. 

Most importantly, you are what you eat and if you do not want to be a round piece of layers covered in fat, then stop eating those three-tier cakes. As is true what friends said: ‘Minute on the lips, Lifetime on the Hips.’