Factors For Custom Rigid Box Cosmetic Packaging

cosmetic packaging

The packaging box is a product of clothes, and delicate cosmetics also need a suitable cosmetic packaging box to complement each other. When girls are shopping for cosmetics, the exquisite packaging box is also a highlight. Therefore, they must opt for eco friendly custom boxes which are not only eye-catching but also environment-friendly.

Packaging designers must be familiar with the principles of aesthetics, understand the laws of aesthetics, and try their best to make their designs suitable for the beauty of society, the public, and the beauty of the times. Analysis and conception are the souls of design. Conception refers to the designer’s thinking and brewing before design. All aspects of using objects, functions, materials, and production conditions need to be conceived. Through the conception, the design intention and artistic image are established.

So what are the factors that need to be considered when rigid box manufacturers design and produce cosmetic packaging boxes?

Printing Color With the refinement of the social division of labor, the competition in the commodity market has become more and more fierce, which is manifested in increasingly important advertisements, and color processing is particularly important. The blur color and subtle effects in the cosmetic packaging box will only have a negative impact, so attention should be paid to the use of large colors in the packaging. For example, Coca-Cola’s packaging image has become an international language, and bright red and clean white have produced a strong advertising effect.

Box Shape Refers to the shape of the packaging box, including a top cover, a pull-out box, a book-shaped box, and a special-shaped box. The choice of box shape is firstly practical, and secondly, whether the box meets the needs of consumers in all aspects and provides convenience. Generally speaking, the more valuable the product, the more complicated the packaging box. Need to choose the corresponding box shape according to different levels.

cosmetic packaging

Structure. The design should ensure that the box structure has sufficient strength and rigidity. Cosmetic packaging box manufacturers should consider two points. One is to protect the product as the main function, and the other is to meet the important characteristics of modern packagings, such as convenient transportation, mass production, and rapid processing.

cosmetic packaging

Produce The printing process of the custom rigid packaging box can play a finishing touch and highlight the key points in the picture. A suitable process can quickly attract customers’ attention to stimulate consumption, generate purchase desire, and achieve important factors for packaging boxes. The printing process mainly includes hot stamping, hot silver, UV, embossing, embossing, flocking, and so onThese days you can get the Best Personalized Stationery items online.