5 Everyday Drinks That Could Be Harmful To Your Skin

drinks that could be harmful

Food alone isn’t the only contributing factor as to why your skin condition may be bad. Your genes, lifestyle, and even what you drink all play a major role in this. If these food and beverages have harmful effects on your health, then you can be sure that they’re killing your skin as well. You could be reading this because you’re in desperate need to create that change in your skin, so fret not as it isn’t yet too late.

Keeping skin supple and healthy starts from the inside. If you are what you eat, then you also are what you drink. Before making any expensive move to improve your skin’s condition, you may want to make healthy lifestyle changes. This begins with eating and drinking well.

To help you in this pursuit here’s are five drinks that are potentially harmful to your skin:

1. Coffee

Coffee may be good, but only in moderation. Excessive, regular consumption of coffee can lead to dehydration. In effect, this opens the door for many skin problems.

First off, when you’re dehydrated, the presence of fine lines and wrinkles is magnified or made more apparent. Moreover, when you take in too much caffeine, your sleep patterns also become interrupted. These effects of lack of sleep will eventually show up in your skin.

Lastly, depending on how you have your coffee, this is often served with two add-ons: milk and sugar. If you enjoy store-bought lattes and cappuccinos every single day, imagine how much sugar you’re taking in daily. Click for the source here to learn more about weighing the pros and cons of drinking too much coffee which causes acne.

2. Soda

Soda is a no-brainer. The high sugar level in soda makes it bad not just for your physical health condition, but your skin, as well.

Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin firm. But, all that sugar in your soda can damage your body’s ability to form and restore collagen. Hence, the better alternative of switching to calorie-free beverages like unsweetened tea and water. 

Apart from collagen, drinking soda and other fizzy drinks can also have adverse effects on your body’s production of telomeres. These dictate how well-abled your body can regenerate cells, and are located at the end of every chromosome. With shortened telomeres levels, your skin becomes more prone to premature aging. In effect, you start to develop fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Milk

While drinking milk from time to time is recommended for strong bones, you could also be increasing your likelihood to develop acne if you drink milk too much. This is especially true for skimmed milk.

Generally, this could be caused by the high hormone levels found in pregnant cows, which could also be passed on to their milk. When you consume this milk, the more hormones it has, the higher the chance that you could develop acne.

If you don’t drink milk every day, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you do, you may want to switch to plant-based sources, like almond, rice, or soya milk.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is perhaps the most unsurprising entry on this list. Time and time again, you’ve heard that alcohol is bad for your skin, and indeed, it is. It wreaks havoc both on your health and on your skin quality.

Imagine how dry and dead you feel after a long night out of drinking. It’s not surprising that your skin also suffers. The diuretic effect of alcohol can suck out your skin’s moisture, giving you that washed and sunken look.

Alcohol is also pro-inflammatory. This means that if you already suffer from a skin condition like acne or eczema, then taking in excessive amounts of alcohol regularly (or even daily, yikes!) is bad news for you. You may have had a good time while drunk, but you’ll be paying for the consequences with how bad you look – and feel later on.

When you’re out in a bar, those colorful alcoholic drinks are also very inviting! But, think of all the sugar it’s loaded with. All that sugar level should lead you back to the dire consequences of the first on this list, soda.

5. Sweetened Tea

Tea is good, but only if it’s in its natural form, and also unsweetened. You’re only destroying the superfood elements that come with tea if you fill it up with sugar.

When you do this, rather than becoming a healthy beverage, your tea will now be considered an unhealthy, sugary drink. It’ll have the same effect that soda has on your body’s collagen production.


With this list, now you can make your personal assessment as to which of these beverages you may be having every day, which could be the potential cause of your skin problems. But, you don’t have to let yourself suffer and let go of all these completely. Some of these beverages also have positive health benefits. So, you’ve got to balance things out and simply have it in moderation. Most importantly, you can’t go wrong with seeing a dermatologist who can help you assess factors contributing to your skin problems and what you can further do to solve these.