Mens Streetwear Fashion: Seven Common Styles for Everyday Use

The casual look for men is considered men’s chance to show off their taste when it comes to personal style and outfit. The everyday wear or streetwear is perhaps the best way for them to show their sense of fashion and being comfortable at the same time. Whether it’s a sleek look or the rockstar rugged inspired clothes, men’s street fashion is always an open invitation to look your best. 

Streetwear is a term most commonly used for casual clothing. It’s pretty easy to rock one. Just get some clothes and wear them casually. However, not everybody has the right fashion sense for clothes. And if you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for some help and inspiration. Here is a list of streetwear that you should try.

Shirt and Jeans

The more simple approach to the term “casual”, and the quick and easy go-to for every man – a plain colored shirt followed by a pair of denim jeans and some plain colored sneakers. You can never go wrong with this staple look around that’s well-known all over the world! Not only does it give you a minimalistic look but it also provides more contrast thus shifting the attention to you.


Kind of like the shirt and jeans, a sweatshirt is an amazing addition to the already awesome shirt and jeans combo. Not only does it keep you warm and fashionable in cold weather, but it also gives more depth and personality! Having a matching color would do but since it is yours try pimping it up a bit by going for the more eye-catching ones.


Who says that pieces of jewelry are just for women? Even men can rock in blings to complete their looks. Other than the added charm, real pieces of jewelry are such a great investment. Buying any precious stone and metals is a wise investment since their value isn’t depreciating at all. If you are not really comfortable in those golden chain necklaces or bracelets, you can go for luxury watches that can also be easily converted to cash in emergency situations. Just bring them on to any EZ Pawn shops for appraisal and get those funds you need!

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Jackets, just like sweatshirts-  is a men’s streetwear that leaves some for the imagination. What’s great about this is that it provides you with the option to unzip it thus showing some skin. Plus, it helps you cool down when the heat goes way up. Wear a white t-shirt with either denim or a black leather jacket. It’s a head turner thus putting you in the spotlight.


If you’re experiencing “just right weather”, here is a just-right get up for you. Although we delve into the more casual, polos have become a common ground for both every day and the formal wear. It brings the best of both worlds, and it is refreshingly good when worn on a warm, windy day. Match it with some excellent, comfortable pants and tuck them in with a leather belt. There you have it – streetwear ready for anything.


Is the heat too much for you? Well, here is a combination that will not only make you look cool but feel cool, also! Having shorts for the summer is one of the basic things, however, very few people get to do it because they are shy about showing some skin. Well, my friend, you are missing out. Try pairing it with a tight fit printed shirt followed by the most badass Vans or Jordan shoes you have in your arsenal.

Tattered Jeans

Although a great piece of clothing, the tattered jeans are one of the most complicated things to match with your clothes. Denim jeans have the illusion of being an all-rounder. However, this is most likely a trap. Having denim jeans with holes on them portrays a wild personality so pairing it with some decent clothing accompany will pretty much ruin the feel to it. 

Tattered jeans are what you wear when you simply don’t care. Match them with wild and obnoxious clothing like a darker colored printed shirt or even a checkered polo. The thing with this is to heighten the crazy in you.

And that’s it! Which is your favorite?