Guide to Best Offers to Earn Money with Sport Betting

Guide to Best Offers to Earn Money with Sport Betting

This article discusses the different types of bonuses that you are most likely to find at online sports betting sites and examines some of the different terms and conditions that may apply to bonus promotions.

Can You Make Money Online With Sports Betting?

Gambling is popular all over the world and betting on sports is one of the most popular types of gambling. In the past few years esports have been growing and gaining in popularity. In recent years people have taken to wagering on sports online and betting on esports is increasing. With the help of free cricket betting tips from experts, it is now possible to make some easy money with cricket betting. Online sports betting has been common for a while but has really taken off in recent years, in part fueled by the popularity of esports with younger bettors. Some sites like those listed at csgobettings focus almost exclusively on esports.

One thing that hasn’t changed with online sports betting sites, whether the focus is traditional sports, esports, or both is the bonuses they offer. Much like online casino bonuses, promo offers from sports betting sites are used to attract new users and to keep regular bettors coming back.

Types of Sports Betting Bonuses

There are several different types of bonuses you may encounter for online sportsbooks like mango777. These include:

  • No Deposit Welcome Bonus: This is typically a small bonus that is given to new users for registering to a site. The bonus will be credited to the bettors’ accounts once they have completed the registration process. No deposit bonuses are a rare find, to begin with, and they usually come with some restrictions. There will usually be a time restriction on the bet and if you don’t use it within that time you lose the bonus. The bonus can’t be divided into multiple bets but must be wagered as a single bet. If the bonus wager wins the bettor receives the winnings but not the bonus. There may also be a wagering requirement on no deposit bonuses. Still, there is really no risk with this type of bet.
  • First Deposit Welcome Bonus: This is a bonus given to new users for the first deposit they make on the site. It is usually a matching percentage bonus. The site will provide a certain percentage of the amount you deposit as a bonus. For example, if you deposit $100 and there is a 100% bonus, you will receive an additional $100 to wager with. These bonuses also come with some restrictions, the major one being a “rollover” or “wagering requirement”. The wagering requirement is the number of times you have to bet the bonus amount before you can withdraw it. If you received a $100 bonus with a wagering requirement of 25x you would have to bet 25 x $100 or $2500 before you can claim the bonus.
  • Free Betting Bonus Offer: This type of bonus is usually only given after a bettor has already made a deposit and placed a few bets. They are usually relatively small. They are pretty much the same as the no deposit bonus except that you don’t have to be a new user to get the bonus and they are more common. There will likely be a wagering requirement before you can claim the bonus
  • Reload Bonuses: A reload bonus is much the same as the welcome deposit bonus except that it isn’t the first deposit you have made. Reload bonuses are also based on a percentage of the amount you deposited. They come in varying amounts like 50%, 100%, or whatever the site has set. They will also likely be capped at a certain amount. For example, if there is a 100% reload bonus up to $500 and you deposit $500 your account would be credited with $1000; your deposit plus the bonus. However, if you deposit $1000 the bonus is still only $500. Reload bonuses will also be subject to wagering requirements.
  • Risk-Free Bets: These types of bonuses are occasionally offered to new players. If the bettor places a wager and loses, then the site will credit them the amount of the lost bet. The catch here is that it will be site credit. In other words, you can use the money returned to place another wager but you can’t withdraw the amount. It isn’t entirely risk-free because if you lose your next bet then you have lost your original stake. Still, it is not a bad deal. If you win the first bet, the bonus doesn’t come into play.
  • Special Event Bonuses: Many sportsbooks will offer special promotions for major sporting events like the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and the NBA finals. These types of bonuses will all vary but can often benefit bettors.
  • Rakeback Promos: Rakeback or cashback promos return a certain percentage of losing bets to the bettor. The percentage will vary depending on the site but it generally won’t be very large but it is still better than nothing.

What to Watch When Betting Online

The terms and conditions of bonus offers vary from site to site as well as from bonus to bonus. Sportsbooks aren’t giving away money out of the goodness of their hearts and it is a good idea to take a close look at bonus terms before you claim a bonus to fully understand exactly what you are getting. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Wagering requirements: They are going to be attached to almost every bonus and there is nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind that the smaller the wagering requirement, the better. Also, determine if the wagering requirement is based on the amount of the bonus or the amount of the bonus + your deposit. Bonus + deposit doubles the amount you must wager.
  • Minimum Odds on Wagering Requirements: Often bets that are below certain odds (1.5 is typical) won’t count towards wagering requirements.
  • Deadlines: Some bonuses have to be claimed before a certain date or they are void
  • Withdrawing Funds Before Meeting Bonus Conditions: Some sites will cancel bonuses if you withdraw any funds from your account before meeting bonus requirements

Always examine bonus terms. If you wager on sporting events regularly deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and Rakeback can be great deals as long as the terms aren’t too stringent. If you just intend to make one or two bets give them a pass. No deposit bonuses and risk-free bets are great deals for new players. Good luck.