Creating a Self-care Routine that You’ll Actually Follow

In these times when most of us are expected to work for longer hours and not take our rest days, we should remind ourselves that our health is more important than anything else. Engaging in self-care should be a priority, giving you time to reset yourself and recharge from the stresses of your hectic working days.

The way self-care works is highly individual, but the intention stays the same. And that is to enhance your overall health and well-being. It should be a routine to lead you towards a healthier balance between your personal wellness and professional responsibilities. Now, the question is, how can you create a self-care routine that you can actually follow? Learn how with our tips below.

Enter the flow state

If you want to enter your flow state, you will need to create a powerful ritual. What things make you feel alive during the morning? What kind of activities feed your soul when you engage with them? Basically, you need to think of things that give you that positive headspace. It should also be something that makes you feel great about yourself, motivates you, and inspires you.

Some examples of powerful rituals include practicing mindfulness medication, boosting self-awareness through writing, going for a nature walk, preparing a healthy meal, dressing up and putting a makeup, engaging in a sport, or reading an inspiring book.

Focus on the present

Clinical psychologies suggest that a person who’s doing something they enjoy must stay connected and focused on that experience and nothing else. One great principle of mindfulness is to be aware of unrelated feelings or thoughts while you’re in the moment but choosing not to dwell in them. Eliminate those distractions and focus on the present.

Being mindful can help you better control your emotions and moods and not worry about things not related to yourself-care. Don’t waste your energy worrying about the chores you need to do when you get home while hanging out with your friends.

Plan and schedule it

Having a balanced self-care routine requires organizing your activities and schedule. Planning will help you put time and effort into every aspect of your life without forgetting anything important. For instance, you can set a time for activities such as exercising, drinking your morning coffee, listening to a podcast, calling a friend, getting creative, going on a digital detox, or enjoying a hot bath. Such ideas can be done in just under five to 30 minutes, depending on your priority.

Furthermore, don’t forget to schedule health appointments such as monthly visits to an orthodontist with proper appliances for your dental needs or to your dermatologist for your needed skin checkups or treatments. Put everything on your self-care app or digital calendar.

Track your progress

After planning and scheduling your habits and activities, it’s also essential that you measure and track your progress. This will make you accountable for your goals and keep you motivated and excited to do your routine. Ideally, you you should track and evaluate some habits after seven days and note any positive benefits or feelings associated with the progress. Use that to keep the healthy behavior for the entire month.

Moreover, you can also use habit-tracking apps to help you be persistent and stick to your habits or schedule. Some popular apps you can try are HabitShare, HabitMinder, Habitify, StickK, Way of Life, Fabulous: Daily Motivation & Habit Tracker, and Tick Tick.

Remain flexible 

A self-care routine should not be too restrictive. You should always give yourself time and space to breathe and play around. Avoid being too hard on yourself as this will only lead you to lose motivation or inspiration to do your habits or activities. To do this, be sure to figure out your most important to the least important tasks. After determining your priorities, you can then combine similar tasks so that you have more free time.

As they say, you should always make time for your free time. Getting out of your regular habits and doing something new can give you time to cope with everything and just let your mind and body rest. However, be careful as too much flexibility can lead to a loss of productivity. Keep it balanced.

Remember that a self-care routine is not designed to restrict yourself from doing things you want and love. It’s actually a vital guide on how you can be your best self – happier and healthier. As you start practicing self-care, you allow yourself to boost your self-esteem and confidence, leaving you feeling good. Plan your own self-care routine now and be the healthiest you can be.