Lifestyle Cleansing: Top Areas to Detox the Impurities in Your Life

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When most people hear the word “detox,” their minds immediately go to food and diet. And while that’s an understandable and common place to mentally go, did you know that there are more ways to detox your body other than in a physical sense? Well, there are.

To detoxify your body means you’re ridding it of all harmful bacterias, toxins, and other microorganisms that mean your body no good. For example, when people want to heal their gut, lose weight, or even detoxify their skin, they’ll completely stop eating bad foods for a while and replace those foods with a cold-pressed raw juice cleanse to give their body a reset to start functioning better.

But just as you have to give your body the opportunity to reset, sometimes you have to give your life the opportunity to reset as well. 

How do you detox your life?

You may not realize it but our entire lives can be quite toxic and bad for our own physical and mental health, but not from the physical aspect of foods we eat and drink. Our lives can become toxic from the people we surround ourselves with, our jobs, our personal relationships, our finances, and the activities we engage in.

All of those things can cause our lives to become toxic, and the only way to remove toxicity is to detox. But in this sense, the detoxing will come from within your inner being. If you’ve often felt overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, and like you just can’t “win,” it’s definitely time to do a lifestyle cleanse. Take a look at how to detox your life.

Top Areas to Detox in Your Life

Social Media

Everybody has social media, for the most part, and while it’s perfectly fine to have social media, it can sometimes be a bit much and you need to distance yourself from it from time to time. Social media can be a huge distraction to your productivity at work and at home. Before you know it, you’ve spent 45 minutes just scrolling seeing what everyone else is doing and you’ve wasted nearly an hour of time when you could’ve been doing something more productive.

Whether you get off of social media for a couple of months or reduce your time down to one hour a day, you’re mentally going to be better off and may even discover a new hobby you enjoy that doesn’t involve “likes,” “loves,” or comments.

So-Called Friends

Whether we want to admit it or not, our friends play a major role in our lives and have a major influence on how we feel about ourselves and the information we retain from them. If you really sit back and re-evaluate the relationships you have with some of your so-called friends, you’ll quickly see that some of them have a very negative impact on your life.

Some friends are there for you when you need them, are there to tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not, and are genuinely happy for you when you have success in your life. But then you have friends who are negative about most things, talk about people behind their back but are smiling in their faces, and tend to find the “but what if’s” in your successes. These individuals can rub off on you and cause you to have negative outlooks on things and not even realize it.

When you discover who these individuals are in your life, it may be hard to cut ties with them because they’ve been in your life for so long, so the best way to approach this is to slowly distance yourself from them. Even at a slow pace of making yourself more and more unavailable, your mood will lighten and you’ll become much happier.


According to the American Psychological Association, 72% of Americans reported that they’ve felt stressed about money and that stress is linked to many psychological conditions.

As much as people like to say that “it’s not about money,” those people who said that are probably people who have lots of money… For those who are barely getting by, money is going to always be at the forefront of their minds because they’re constantly having to have a plan in place or prioritize what bill is going to be paid next.

When you’re stressed about finances and you just feel like you can’t ever seem to get ahead, this is when it’s time to detox your finances. You always have the option of taking on a second job for added income, but when that option isn’t viable, you have to figure out how to better your finances with what you have… Meaning putting yourself on a strict budget.

Look at everywhere your money is spent and find areas that can be reduced. That could mean ditching those Starbucks runs, cooking more, switching to alternative electricity, buying generic grocery brands, and canceling subscriptions. By doing this, you’re detoxing your finances and making it easier on yourself to make do with the money you have, and also being able to have a little more with these money-saving habits.