5 Stylish Decor Ideas to Show Your Love of Fashion

Your love for fashion can be combined with your passion for interior decoration with no issues at all. There is a lot of overlap with regard to these two fields since they both involve creativity and imagination. With that being the case, why not show off how much you love fashion via interior decoration? There is no shortage of ideas to help you achieve this, though some would be better than others. 

The main idea of such a project is to infuse elements of the fashion industry into the wonders of interior design. You will be adding elements to rooms and chambers that will remind, with obvious clarity, about the world of fashion. This can come in many ways since fashion involves clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and so much more. All you have to do now would be to pick and choose which ones you want for decorating with.

Fashion Icon Artwork

There have been a lot of fashion icons throughout history and many of them have left lasting legacies. These legacies can come in the form of artwork that themselves are part of the fashion world in many ways. You can find these on the web in the form of silhouettes, black and white, photographic, and more. Hanging ones that are famous icons throughout history would be a good first step in the right direction.

With that said, it’s worth noting that not all fashion icon artworks are the same, with some being better than others. A piece of art that is close to what the model, designer, or innovator was known for would be ideal. Black and white for Marylin Monroe, for example, would be advised due to the era she became famous in. Big, bombastic portraits of someone like Kate Upton would work too thanks to the trend that she helped start

Makeup Mirror Desk

You would have seen the makeup corners of professional studios or backstage areas if you are a fan of fashion. They have been featured in many documentaries and films, after all, which you can then emulate for your room. What you need to do is get a desk with a large mirror that you can install lights on. Back in the day – and even in many cases these days – they would have been lightbulbs, but not anymore. 

You will more often find that studios and professional fashion firms are now using LED strip lights for their mirror desks. Something like a coil of COB LED strip lights will achieve the effects you are looking for with minimal fuss. You can line your mirror with it, as well as the wall behind it to provide the illumination you need. They are quite versatile, flexible, and easy to apply to any surface so that you can do it yourself. 

Wall Of Sketches

Do you know those sketches of figures that are wearing ideas for clothes, accessories, and the like by designers? You could turn those into wallpapers and then plaster them all over your room if you want to. It’s also possible to enlarge them so that you can hang them up as posters or as framed images. These will showcase your love for fashion in no uncertain terms and will do it in a tasteful manner, too.

On that note, this idea can have the extra benefit of allowing you to pursue your passion for fashion. You do this by featuring your own sketches so that you can then convert them into wallpapers or framed artwork. This will doubly enforce the idea that you are deep into your enthusiasm for the industry and your own talents. This could even be helpful in giving you some inspiration to get into the professional scene if that’s what you want.

Runway Treatment

The suggestion regarding the mirror is related to what happens backstage, but what if you also do the front? That is to say, what if you created something of a runway in your bedroom, living room, and so on? You won’t need to strut down the aisle like a model, though you could if you wanted to. The runway is there to draw attention to the detail, which would then add more character to the room.

As with the desk mirror idea, you could do this by lining the floor with LED light strips or mini neon strips. Both options are worth considering since they can provide clear, distinct lines to follow. At the same time, they won’t be in the way too much and cause inconvenience in exchange for stylish decorations. It might be exciting to have a runway in your home, but not if it will only cause you headaches.

Cosmetics Displays

Makeup kits, brushes, cosmetic pens, and the like are often used to enhance the natural beauty of people. Did you know that you could also use them to do the same for any room you place them in? This can be the case with the right cosmetics products, a little imagination, and the appropriate space that you need. By doing this, your cosmetics products can fulfill two functions: improving the beauty and catching the attention of people.

The practices themselves share a lot of similarities between each other where you are using things like color and shape. Sizes, designs, configurations, and compactness will all play a role, as well. 


If you are a fan of fashion and want to show it, you could always do so via interior decoration. Using the ideas that were mentioned here, you could create a room that expresses your love for fashion. This will then help inspire you more to pursue your dreams or simply give you a calming sanctuary.