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The Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Lashes play a very defining role in your overall look. The same kind of lashes do not suit every type of eye shape, thus choosing the right faux lashes to match your eye shape is an important part of deciding on what pair to wear.

Your eye shape is one of the determining factors that decide what type of lashes would suit your face. Having the right knowledge about the different kinds of eye shape and the type of lashes that suit them is essential for making the right choice. Here is a quick guide to walk you through the dos and don’ts of choosing an eye lash for your particular face. 

Types of Eye Shapes

Before you can decide what lashes are right for you, it is important that you understand your basic eye shape. Here is a brief description of the six main eye shapes to help you decide which one is closest to yours.

  • Mono-lid Eyes: these eyes are known for not having a crease at the top of the eyelids. If the eye lid is holding you back from experimenting with eye makeup, you can consider the best blepharoplasty in Singapore.
  •  Round Eyes: rounded eyes are those where the whites of the eye can be seen below the iris when looked in the mirror directly. 
  •  Downturned Eyes: having a downturned eye means that your eyes turn below the (imaginary) center line.
  • Upturned Eyes: this eye type is the opposite of downturned eyes as it features the eyes that turned upwards, away from the imaginary line at the center of the eye. 
  • Hooded Eyes: these eyes can be identified by checking if the eyelid crease is visible when the eyes are open. If the crease can’t be seen, it means that you have hooded eyes. 
  •  Almond Eyes: as their name suggests, these eyes are shaped distinctly like an almond. 

I hope this rundown helped you identify which eye type belongs to you.

The Right Lashes for each Eye Shape

Once you have figured out what eye shape you have, things will get much easier. You now simply have to choose the kind of lash that suit your eyes. Here is all you need to know about choosing the best lashes for your eye shape. 

  •  Wispy lashes: if you have round eyes, it is a great idea to opt for wispy lashes that have a greater definition on the side. This type of lash would give your eyes a dramatic feel.
  •  Voluminous lashes: for those who have almond shaped eyes, it is a great idea to go for a thicker pair of false lashes that have an even distribution of lash hair. This would add volume to your eyes and make them stand out a lot more.
  • Short lashes: if you have hooded eyes it is recommended that you go for a more natural looking set of lashes. Thus while choosing your lashes go for the shorter, more natural looking kind to help your eyes appear more opened up. For added depth, make sure the lashes are slightly longer in the center.
  • Curled lashes: those with either upturned or downturnedeyes have a deep-set shape that can be set off beautifully by a pair of long and curled lashes.
  • Layered lashes: usually people with hooded eyes tend to opt for more layered and ‘fluttery’ lashes that can help make the eye look more ‘open’. These lashes can even be curled to give the eyes a greater depth.


Choosing the right eyelashes for yourself is essential as you don’t want your lashes to conceal or overshadow the beauty of your eyes. The perfect pair of lashes should actually frame your eyes perfectly. Deciding on a pair of heavy lashes