Valentine’s Day

Best Flowers to Buy for Valentine’s Day

Giving flowers is kind of like getting exercise; if you’re doing it at all, you’re doing it right! So no matter what type of bloom you purchase for your beloved this Valentine’s Day, it’ll be a slam dunk. But if you’d like some inspiration for the perfect bouquet to gift, we have some ideas. 

Flowers are big business during Valentine’s day, and for good reason. There’s nothing more elegant, romantic (and between us, affordable) than a fresh bouquet. We’re taking inspiration from the Bouqs this year and looking way past the classic rose as the only option for this holiday. (Although, classic roses are still a great choice; they’re classic for a reason.) Here are a few ideas for your honey. 

If Your Recipient Is a Minimalist

More of us are turning toward minimalism than ever before. Its clean and modern vibe feels soothing amidst all of the chaos in our world right now. So if the person you’re giving flowers to subscribes to the minimalist lifestyle, why not give them an austere-in-a-cool way succulent? We recommend a heart shaped one to keep the romance alive. 

If Your Recipient Is Into Color

Does your beloved rock bright tones on the daily? Do they seek out sweaters in saturated hues or stop dead in their tracks when they see a rainbow? If so, ditch the monotone red roses and go for a colorful combination instead. Try mixing something like snapdragons, pink lilies, and just a touch of roses in a sunshiney yellow.  

If Your Recipient Isn’t Really Cupid’s Type 

So maybe one (or both) of you have decided to banish all things Valentine’s day from the calendar. That’s okay! And if that’s the case you’re probably exempt from bringing home any kind of floral at all. But nobody says bringing your lover a totally neutral, not-at-all-Valentine’s plant on a Sunday is illegal. We recommend something verdant and easy to care for, like a ZZ plant. 

If Your Recipient is Into Neutrals

Does your lover regularly sport trendy monochrome outfits? Are they soothed by vanilla-hued cashmere and white sand beaches? If so, give them a bouquet that matches their vibe. A bunch of peachy-pale garden roses will do the trick. (And they smell incredible, too.) 

If Your Recipient is All About Green Living 

Does your sweetheart take extra care to be kind to the planet? Do they compost, recycle, and harvest vegetables like it’s their job? Why not take their green lifestyle literally and give them something super verdant? It’ll make them feel right at home. We suggest pairing eucalyptus with the the most emerald-colored succulents you can find. 

If Your Recipient Stands Out From the Crowd 

Does your lover always find the good music before it hits mainstream radio? Are they the best at finding bars and restaurants off the beaten path? Would they not be caught dead wearing a name brand? If so, give them a floral gift that’s a little different, too. Instead of giving them a whole bouquet of flowers, gift them one precious orchid — the two of you can take care of it together. 

If Your Recipient is a Class Act

For the sweetheart who knows how to rock a white tee and jeans, who listens to the Beatles or Beethoven, and who is all about upholding tradition, classic red roses are the right call here. Our only additional advice? The more the better!

No matter what type of floral you buy for your beloved this year, we promise they’ll be besotted. Just don’t forget to include a sweet card telling them how much they mean to you.