Photo by Laura Garcia from Pexels

A Baked Blush to Give You the Glow You Need

Did you know that makeup can be baked? Yes, the ovens aren’t only reserved for buns and loaves of bread but are also an excellent tool for shadows and powders. 

But, wait, what does baked makeup mean? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing today, alongside all the reasons why you should get yourself some baked blush

Baked Makeup? What is that?

So, powder products are made from the pressing of different powder components and pigments, whereas baked powders are creams that have slowly been baked in their special oven till they achieve their powder dry form. 

So, what makes baked makeup unique? Here are some qualities of baked makeup that have everyone head over heels for them. 

  • Baked products give a velvety finish that is soft to the touch. 
  • The marbling done during the baking process adds a luminous glow to your skin. 
  • You get more pigment rather than the usual talc filler. 
  • You can choose to apply it dry or wet, whichever method you prefer. 

From powder foundations to bronzer and eye shadows, baked makeup is there to give you that smooth finish and loads of pigment. One of these baked products includes the ever so famous baked Blush that is the talk of the town these days. 

What is baked Blush?

Baked blush adds that rouge you need to your cheeks. The cream is baked on terra cotta tiles and packed tightly to give a creamy finish. The final product appears to look like a packed tight powder; however, this Blush’s consistency is creamy and velvety when used.

Multiple makeup companies are coming out with blushes of this kind, and they’re selling like hotcakes at various price points. 

How is baked Blush made?

Companies make baked Blush by heating pigmented makeup liquid baked on terra cotta tiles for 24 hours. The mixture is baked until a creamy consistency is achieved, which can be applied with a dry brush or applied as a wet product by spritzing some water. 

This way, you can achieve both matte and shimmery looks. Although applying the baked Blush in its wet form is said to last longer. 

Ingredients in Baked Blush 

Similar to other cheek stains and blushes, the baked Blush comes in a wide variety of colors that range for every brand. The composition of the baked Blush is predominantly talc mixed with mineral oils and other chemical compounds that can then be changed into any color for any skin tone. 

Some baked blushes even come in shimmery shades or dual shades to give you that all in one product you can carry on the go. Since baked blushes were an imported item, to begin with, you might find them to be a bit more expensive than your regular blushes. However, with different brands, you may get different prices. 

Why you need to get your hands on baked Blush

High end baked blushes can act as moisturizing factors that have nourishing ingredients for your skin—the mineral oil blends in to nurture your skin while making it look flushed and glowing. 

These baked blushes are similar to the effect that ancient rouge techniques had, which were made up with crushed up bright berries and plants. 

Through this baked Blush, you will not only have the flushed color you like, but you will also have this subtle glow that will leave your skin looking luminous and gorgeous. 


Baked blushes are the most fantastic invention of all time, and getting your hands on them will certainly not disappoint you. I mean tint and glow in one product? Too good to be missed out on!