Where to Buy Tarot Cards in the Philippines?

During this anxiety-inducing grip of a global health pandemic alongside social and political unrest, our boundless appetite for emotional support shows no signs of waning. If you haven’t noticed already especially in TikTok, tarot readings are the latest wellness trend. Either you turn to them for spiritual advice, meditation, or you just like to collect them, then this will post will tell you where to buy tarot cards in the Philippines. And yes, these stores also sell oracle cards.

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But first, what is the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

According to Practical Magic, Oracle is the general term and refers to any cards used to divine answers to a question. The word oracle gets its roots in the Greek and Roman times. In mythology, oracles were the people who said something that happened in the future. So any card used to tell you something—regardless of the system—is an oracle card. While tarot cards follow a system. It’s 78 cards, 22 of which fall under the Major Arcana, and 56 of which fall under the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is further divided into four suits, each with 10 pips and four court cards. Even though some modern tarot decks do add a random card or two to the 78, tarot is and always will follow this set system. You can read more in their website here.

where to buy tarot cards in the philippines
This is my tarot and oracle deck collection.

Where to buy Tarot Cards in the Philippines?

FULLY BOOKED – Yes, this famous bookstore sells Tarot and Oracle decks created by indie artists from around the world. Those decks you see above from my collection are mostly from this bookstore. But heads up! Their stocks are limited so when you found a deck that speaks to you, better get it because a lot of people are buying them these days. You can shop Fully Booked in Lazada, Shopee, their own website, and in their branches in the mall near you.

SCARLO PHILIPPINES – There are A LOT of fake tarot and oracle decks online that are made in China with low quality prints, especially popular decks like those by Gabrielle Bernstein. This Shopee seller is one of the most trusted tarot and oracle deck reseller. I shop here and their decks are legit.

ARTEMIS PAINTS – They’re an art supply store and they also sell authentic tarot and oracle decks. I also shop from this Shop seller and I can guarantee they’re also legit. But their stocks are limited so you better checkout if you want something.

PRACTICAL MAGIC – Unlike the stores I mentioned above, this shop sells decks that are made by a local artist and the artworks are truly Pinoy.

NO FILTER – I believe this is also a local store. I haven’t bought anything from them yet because their decks sold out fast. And I can’t blame them, their oracle cards are so sassy and witty! I bet anyone will enjoy pulling a card everyday.

So far these are the only stores I know where to buy tarot cards in the Philippines that are authentic and also have oracle decks. As always, if I found more, I’ll update this post.