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5 Ways Contact Lenses Are Better Than Glasses

In the battle between contact lenses and glasses, there is no definitive answer as to which is better. Some people prefer to wear contacts, while others like to stick with glasses. There are even individuals who mix it up and use both.

So what benefits do contacts provide over glasses? The below list details five ways contact lenses are better than glasses.

What advantages do glasses provide?

Before going into the positive aspects of contacts, it’s important to offer an impartial viewpoint. This is because glasses supply various advantages in comparison to contacts. They’re not as expensive in the long run and require less maintenance.

However, don’t believe the myth they are more protective against eye infections. The risk of any infections is minimal if you look after your contacts. To do this, Queensway Optometric Centre has an expert guide on how to care for your contact lenses properly.

Now it’s time to detail the benefits of contacts over glasses.

1. Greater vision

Due to the fact they sit on the curvature of your eyes, contact lenses from Contact Lenses UK supply excellent focus and a wider field of view when compared to glasses lenses. Distortions and reflections are also not a factor as with glasses, and contacts are not affected by adverse weather conditions like rain and fog.

When you add up all these points, contacts are the superior option in terms of providing a crystal clear view without restrictions.

2. Ideal for active people

If you’re someone that engages in an active lifestyle, contact lenses are by far the most effective and convenient eyewear solution. Unlike standard glasses, you don’t have to worry about them moving around or even falling off your face. Plus if they did become dislodged – which is a very rare situation – they’re difficult to break.

In addition to their stability, contacts are also not obstructive – which cannot be said for glasses. As a result, they don’t interrupt the wearing of safety gear like goggles, caps, and helmets.

3. The world sees the real you

Yes, glasses can help you to create a great look. Yet it’s also fair to say that they can get in the way at times – like when you’re wearing eye makeup. Furthermore, contacts are an invisible correction for your vision. Due to being invisible, the world can enjoy your natural appearance, and they won’t cause your eyes to appear smaller or bigger than they are.

4. Mix it up

Don’t feel too jealous about the wide range of frames that glasses’ owners can enjoy. You can still get creative with your contact lenses. This is because you can change your eye color in an instant. Contacts can be found in a wide assortment of shades, meaning you can go with a subtle change or a dramatic one.

5. Life is made easier

Glasses are not exactly inconvenient, admittedly. It can be easy to forget you’re wearing them at times. However, there are certain occasions where they make life a little more uncomfortable. Think about lens glare, riding a rollercoaster, or even just going in for a kiss. Unlike a pair of clunky spectacles, contacts won’t get in the way of moments like those above.