How To Keep Your Summer Glow Throughout Winter?

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When it comes to looking after our skin, most people tend to focus on doing this only during the year, especially during summer. This is probably because people are aware of the damaging effects of the sun in the hot weather, or perhaps it is to have skin that complements the perfectly sculpted and tended to beach-bodies. Maybe it is because people are more relaxed during winter since it is the festive season in most countries, with people focusing more on celebrating. 

Many people simply don’t understand the importance of skincare during winter, but it could arguably be a time when the skin requires the most attention. However, even though many do try to focus on their skin during the winter months, it can be quite a struggle, and regardless of the efforts that are made it doesn’t seem to help. If you are looking for some tips to keep your summer glow throughout winter, don’t despair, as there are still things that you can do to achieve this.

Use a moisturizer 

Moisturizers are an important step for any skincare routine and are especially important during the winter months. Because of the cold temperature, moisture is drawn away from the skin, and the low humidity levels further adds to the removal of moisture. To avoid this, and the harsh winter winds, you would most likely stay inside, where dry indoor heating removes even more moisture from your skin. 

This is why it is essential to use a moisturizer. When looking for a moisturizer to use, consider using one that includes Ceramides, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Silicone, or Petroleum Jelly, depending on your skin type. This is my personal favorite it really works with my skin type. Also remember to lightly exfoliate so the moisturizer effectively penetrates the skin, not just covering the surface. 

Drink lots of water

Winter is generally the time for celebrations, and as a result, people tend to consume alcohol slightly more than they would throughout the year. This can be quite detrimental to the skin as alcohol causes dehydration. One simple tip to keep your summer glow is to drink as much water as you can if you intend on drinking alcohol. 

Aside from this, even though it is quite cold and the temperature is not high, doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t losing moisture. Winter can be particularly deceiving, as most people rely on physical cues to replenish their bodies water supply, such as sweating. 

Additionally, since there is a lack of heat, most people don’t ‘feel’ thirsty, so water is not consumed as much. This is why it is still important to drink as much water as you can because your skin still needs it.


It can be quite tempting to skip the gym sessions due to all of the festivities, or from laziness setting in from not having to work during the holidays. Unfortunately, your skin doesn’t share the same joy as you do when not exercising. 

Movement is extremely important for circulation, so even if it is brief exercise such as a jog, it will most certainly help to sustain the summer glow. Another reason to do some exercise during winter is because it helps with lymphatic drainage. 

Movement encourages lymph fluids to travel around your body, and it is this fluid that helps to remove waste and toxins from the body. These toxins are bad for the skin and can cause breakouts, or for your skin to lose that glow that you are trying to sustain. 

Avoid too much hot wate

One of the best feelings in the world, especially during winter, is stepping into a steamy shower and feeling the warmth of the water. Unfortunately, as desirable as this is, it is not helpful for maintaining the summer glow. 

Just like the dry indoor heating, hot water removes moisture from the skin as well as stripping the skin of its natural oils. There are two solutions to this; either have shorter showers, or use cold/lukewarm water. 

If you intend on having shorter showers, you should use a moisturizing shower gel to ensure that not too much moisture is lost, and gently dab yourself with a towel when drying yourself off. Alternatively, colder showers will be more beneficial as it ensures that moisture is not lost, but still feel free to use moisturizing shower gel as an extra precaution.