How to Choose the Right Fragrance for You

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Fragrances have the power to evoke memories, lift a mood, or attract a mate. Perhaps you just want to smell great. With the thousands of different scents to choose from today, how do you know which one to wear? Visiting a fragrance design house and taking the following steps will put you on the right track to picking out your favorite.

1. Choosing a Fragrance

Every fragrance is made up of several “notes.” The combination of notes creates the overall scent. For instance, some perfumes would be categorized as floral as they contain notes of geranium, rose, and gardenia. Others may be considered exotic as they have a spicy smell and contain scents such as cinnamon. Fragrances for men may be musky and masculine or may have a smell of pine or leather. It is a great idea to determine what type of notes appeal to you in order to choose the right fragrance.

2. Selecting a Concentration

Fragrances are available in four different concentration levels. In general, the more concentrated it is, the more expensive it is. The highest concentrated scent is labeled as perfume and lasts the longest as it is the most powerful. One step down from this is eau de parfum, which lingers for about six hours. Affordable, eau de toilette comes next and needs to be applied several times throughout the day. Eau de cologne is the least expensive and lasts for 2 hours.

3. Testing the Scent

Remember, even the prettiest bottle may contain something that doesn’t personally appeal to your senses. It is important to test a bit of the fragrance onto your skin. This is because your skin contains its own special pheromones that can change the way a fragrance smells. Spray a bit onto your skin, and give it a minute to soak in before sniffing it.

Picking your signature scent doesn’t have to be done randomly. Ask yourself what some of your favorite smells in life are, and let that inspire you in your choice. Asking an expert for suggestions also goes a long way.