Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa from Pexels

Athlete’s Guide to Keeping Healthy Skin

Athletes have to deal with a lot of things. With almost 24/7 training coupled with other priorities, most sportsmen and women no longer have the time to focus on their skin. I mean let’s face it, it’s the least of their concerns. But that shouldn’t be the case! If you’re an athlete or just someone who’s pretty active and wants to learn how to keep not just your muscles, bones, and joints healthy but your skin, too, then I recommend you read on.

Use sunscreen regularly

I cannot stress this enough. Sunscreen should be part of literally everyone’s skincare regimen. Girls, boys, middle-aged men, and even stay-at-home moms have to use sunscreen to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. And yes, this includes the times you stay indoors. You can’t really escape the effects of the sun on your skin, so you have to stay protected. If average Joes and Janes have to apply this regularly, then this is almost a matter of life and death for athletes! It’s not just about getting darker or sunburnt, but it’s about getting serious medical conditions like skin cancer if you aren’t careful.

Be sure to read the labels and buy from dermatologically-tested brands for your sunscreen needs and you’re good to go.

Shower after every workout 

As someone who sweats a lot, you should observe the very basic habit of showering thoroughly. Don’t be that guy in the gym that just changes clothes (if at all) and leaves in a jiffy. That’s gross and unhygienic. Use your favorite scent to get you motivated to do so. But just do yourself and everyone else a favor by showering. Not only will it make your skin feel soft and radiant, showering even helps you with recovery and cool down. That’s always a good idea, right? Right.

Keep your hair away from your face at all times

One more thing that you might be forgetting is that your hair gets pretty dirty, too. While taking a long and thorough shower will ensure that your hair is stripped off of dirt and grime from your training, you must also tie it up when working out. When you tie your hair into a bun or use tight headbands for support, you’re assured that your face won’t get too much sweat and dirt. 

Most people experience breakouts because of unruly hair so go figure. And come on, you know it’s a lot safer when you can see everything that you’re doing in front of you, without your hair blocking your view.

Keep yourself hydrated

I think I don’t really need to tell you to keep yourself hydrated as an athlete who sweats buckets during training. But if you need one more reason to gulp down as much as your body needs in a day, then here it is. You know that our bodies are made up mostly of water. Hence our skin, which is one of the biggest parts of our body, by the way, needs it too. It’s essential to prevent skin dryness and irritation.

Wear protective clothing

Your sportswear isn’t just created to cover your privates or bear the names and logos of your sponsors during competitions. It should also be enough to cover you from the sun and harsh weather. Bikers and hikers usually are covered from top to bottom to keep their skin from being burnt. While hockey players, ice skaters, and skiers layer their clothing to regulate temperature and also prevent unwanted skin injuries.

Consult a doctor when necessary

Last but not the least, if you’re concerned about a wound or rash that’s not going away, or you have some kind of discoloration on your skin after hundreds of laps in the pool, you might want to get that checked. Expert opinion is necessary to ensure that that’s something that can go away after a while or if it’s a symptom of a much serious disease.

Taking care of your skin is a necessary step to achieve overall health. With that, you can perform your best alongside proper training, rest, and diet. You don’t need to overdo your regimen but just follow this guide to make sure that your skin is at its peak condition every single time.