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BTS at the ‘Dynamite’ press conference CREDIT: Big Hit Entertainment

Where to Buy Official BTS Merchandise in the Philippines?

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I believe BTS does not need anymore introduction, fan or not, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. If not, then you’re living under a rock! But if you’re a Filipino ARMY or you’re just planning on gifting someone some BTS items, then you know finding their official and legit merchandise can be a little hard. But luckily for you, I’m also an ARMY and I listed all the online stores where to buy BTS merch in the Philippines.

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WEVERSE – This is the store where you can buy official BTS merchandise, and yes, they’re really affiliated with them (the app developer is a subsidiary company of BTS’ agency, Big Hit). You can also buy merch from other artists too like CL, ENHYPEN, Seventeen, GFRIEND, Henry, and more. And as of February 18, 2021, they now ship directly from South Korea to the Philippines via DHL. The shipping fee minimum is $26 per parcel but the more items you add to your orders, the fee will increase. But if you want to save on the shipping fee, I have a guide on how to order in Weverse and ship it to the Philippines thru BnS.

COKODIVE – This is probably the most popular website where you can buy not only official BTS merch but almost every other K-Pop artist. And if you watch K-Pop fan vloggers, then you’ve probably heard of them because a lot of them promote this store. The best part about this store is that they ship internationally, including the Philippines via DHL or FedEx. Upon writing this post, I’m waiting for my pre-order which will be shipped in December. (UPDATE: I received my order last January 4, 2021, it was shipped via DHL and arrived in mint condition.) The only con I found so far is that the prices here are higher than other sellers.

HARUMIO – I discovered this website thanks to Laine of GlowCounsel. This is not actually a store, but more like a personal shopper. They have readily available merch but you can also custom request, meaning you can ask them to buy you anything available in South Korea, but of course with a service fee. You can learn more about it here. Lastly, they ship to the Philippines via DHL.


PLAY LINE FRIENDS – Are you aware there’s an official Play Line store in Lazada? Well, there is! And they sell official BT21 merch. I already bought several items from them which you can see on my Instagram. Actually, there’s also a Play Line physical store in the Philippines but as of now, as far as I know, they only have two branches in Metro Manila. They’re in Ayala Malls Manila Bay and Robinson’s Manila.

KPOP MERCH – AnotherShopee seller where I personally shop. This is where I bought my BT21 monitor figures and a bunch of Tiny Tan merch. Just like the 2 shopee sellers I mentioned above, this also ships straight from South Korea. They mostly sell tech accessories, and BTS shirts, plush dolls, and albums.

NASIEOSEO.PH – This is one of the few Koran-based Shopee sellers that I trust where I can buy legit and official BTS, BT21, and Tiny Tan merch. This is where I buy some of my BT21 Cushions and the packaging, labels, and stitches are the same as those I bought from the Play Line Friends store. What I like about buying here is that I can use my Shopee coins for discounts and Shopback for a rebate. But the downside is their prices are quite high just like Cokodive but at least you’re not paying for customs tax thanks to Shopee.

KOREAN OPPA’S CHOICE – Another Korean-based Shopee seller where I personally shop, several times already. This is where I bought my Bt21 retro keyboard. Korean Oppa is mainly a cosmetics shop but he also sells BTS merch like BT21, the Samsung Collabs, Army Bomb Lightstick, and some merch you’ll find in Weverse. And because this seller is in Shopee, you don’t have to worry about paying customs tax.

ALING NOONA – All stores I mentioned above are based in South Korea, but this one is based locally in BF Homes, Paranaque. I learned about this shop through Instagram, thanks to one of my followers when I was looking for an RJ Jumbo Doll. They’re actually my go-to shop for vintage merch now and offer personal shopping service in Korea. They have on-hand items but most are for pre-orders. And they don’t only accept BTS merch orders, they also sell merch from other K-Pop artists. You can avail of their Personal Shopper Service and find them on Instagram, username @ichinikochini.ph.

N.CAT – Another shop based in the Philippines, but they’re not just an online shop, they also have some physical stores like their branch in Festival Mall, Alabang. N.Cat is mainly an accessory store that sells trendy Korean fashion accessories to the Philippines but they also have Kpop merch like albums and lightsticks from bands like BTS, BlackPink, Red Velvet, Itzy, TXT, NCT, Izone, Twice, Super Juniors, GOT7, and more. Besides Shopee and select malls, you can also find them in Lazada. And they also host giveaways on their Instagram.

MIRAVIEW – A Shopee seller again, this is where I bought my BT21 keycaps and large mouse pad. They mostly sell BT21, Play Line Friends, and Sanrio tech merchandise. So if you like kyeopta or kawaii accessories for your gadgets or study/work from home setup, this shop is for you.


NOTE: I personally placed an order from these sellers.

OSHARE PH – I highly recommend this buyer based in Japan. What’s great about them is that they ship to the Philippines and also internationally straight from Japan. Upon writing this, I already ordered a bunch of stuff from them, such as Japanese snacks and BT21 merch, including the BT21 EX-L Plushie and the Universal Music Store Limited Edition “BTS, The Best” Album. Check my Instagram or YouTube for the unboxing soon.

DEKU SHOPU – Another Japan-based seller, this is where I bought those cute Japan-exclusive Ichiban Kuji TinyTan plushies. They can actually assist you in purchasing any items from Japan, whether it’s BTS merch, Sanrio products, or Japanese snacks.

HK GOODIES MNL – This one is based in Hong Kong and also have a Shopee page. They mostly sell BT21 merch including those Taiwan-exclusive. This is where I bought my BT21 bedsheets.

SEOUL TO SEOUL – I have been following this shop since last year. I discovered them through one of my followers on Instagram when I was looking for the BE Scented Candle (unfortunately, I still failed to buy one). But I recently placed a pre-order of the Whale Plushie through them. Yes, that purple whale from the TinyTan Dream On Animation that sold out in just 2 minutes in Weverse. They managed to secure a limited stock and I’m one of the people who got dibs of it.

MAGIC SHOP – I learned about this seller through Arci Muñoz (probably the most famous ARMY in the Philippines). I think it’s safe to assume that most of her BTS merch is from this seller because she often tags them in her posts. Most merch you can find from them are not only from BT21 Korea but also from Taiwan and Japan. Upon writing this update, I actually placed a pre-order from this seller. (UPDATE 02/12/2021: I placed my pre-order on January 13, 2021, and I received it on February 12, 2021, exactly 1 month. You can see my BTS Merch haul on my Instagram.)

So far these are the only stores and sellers I know where to buy official BTS merch in the Philippines. If I found more, I’ll update this post.