Be a Smart Shopper: Things to Know When Buying Cosmetics Online

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It’s easy to become a hoarder of cosmetics, especially in the age of online shopping. Even if you’re not actively planning to buy something, just by logging onto Pinterest or Instagram, you’re flooded with celebrities and bloggers flaunting the latest miracle-promising beauty products. It’s hard to resist this temptation which is why so many of us buy cosmetics on a whim. But instead of looking like a celebrity yourself, spontaneously buying cosmetics online is more likely to result in disappointment and a graveyard of hardly used products.

I’m not saying this to discourage you from buying beauty products online. Online shopping certainly has its perks – it’s a great way to save time and you can find many attractive deals that can help you save on money too. To avoid hoarding cosmetics that don’t really work for you, the trick is to approach online shopping armed with knowledge and a clear idea of what you need. That being said, the following tips can make buying cosmetics online a whole lot easier for you.

Only Shop from Trusted Online Stores

The internet is a huge place that gives you the power to choose from an unlimited range of makeup and skincare products. But with great power comes great responsibility. There are many stores that are not genuine and many shoppers have been scammed out of their money. That being said, you should be extra careful and stay away from anything that seems too good to be true. For instance, sites that sell professional makeup products at unbelievably low prices. More often than not, these websites are simply pushing knock-off products from well-known a cosmetic company, and once purchased, there’s not any option to get your money back.

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What you want to look for is reliable and best cosmetics for men that offer a wide range of premium products supported by secure payment options and a money-back guarantee. But how can you recognize whether a particular online beauty store is reliable or not? The easiest way to check is by carefully inspecting the website’s contact info and whether it has a reliable physical address (which you can check using Google maps) and a working phone number that you can call to ask for extra information or advice. It’s very important to use only trusted brands, especially if you’re looking for cosmetic supplies such as Micamoma premium mica powder if you’re making your own or owning a cosmetics company. You can also check out cosmetic online shops which have already made a name for themselves on the Australian market, like for instance Activeskin, Adore Beauty, Look Fantastic, or StrawberryNET.

But in any case, whatever store you shop from, it’s good to familiarize yourself with its return policy. There’s always the chance that the product got damaged during shipping or you accidentally got the wrong shade. Luckily for you, a trusted cosmetic online shop like Activeskin has a pretty great return policy that makes buying that much easier.

Study the Ingredients List

The ingredient lists on makeup products can be incredibly long. But when it comes to your health and the state of your skin, it’s worth your time to research every item on the list. Analyzing the labels is extremely important when buying cosmetics that are easily absorbed because they are applied directly to the skin, for instance, primer or foundation. Of course, you don’t have to have a degree in chemistry or pharmaceutical sciences to determine whether something on the label is harmful or not. Since you’re shopping online, it’s easy to simply copy the ingredients list and paste it into an ingredient analyzer like the one SkinCharisma has. This way, you will instantly know whether there’s a risk that a particular product will be harmful to your health or lead to skin problems like congestion.

Natural Doesn’t Mean Better

You may falsely assume that when buying natural cosmetics there’s no reason to bother reading the ingredients list since they are healthier and milder. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. Even though natural and organic cosmetics are free from harsh chemicals, many natural ingredients can cause irritations. This is often the case with products containing essential oils which can be very potent and cause allergic reactions. So, make sure that the all-natural concealer you’re eyeing doesn’t include some ingredients you might be allergic to. And then there’s also the fact that natural beauty products have a short shelf life once opened because they are free from preservatives. So, unless you plan to use up the product fairly soon, it might not be worth it.

Buying Larger Isn’t Always a Good Idea

A great way to save some money is to buy the largest size of a product. For instance, buying 100ml of your favourite foundation will definitely end up being more cost-efficient than buying 50ml of the same product. But this only works if you use it all. When buying a product that you’re going to try for the first time, it’s better to opt for a smaller size just to make sure that you actually like it. Likewise, don’t buy cosmetic kits unless you have already tried all the items in the package. Otherwise, some products may go unused, which means you’ve paid extra for nothing.

Reading Reviews Can Help

I always read reviews to get an idea of whether something is worth my time and/or money. I do so before watching films and I do so before buying cosmetics. And this has often helped me find exactly what I’m looking for. You can start by reading the reviews directly under the product you consider buying (if there’s such an option). You may also want to go a step further and research various internet forums talking about beauty, skincare, and cosmetics. On these forums, there are real people and not celebrities that discuss the products they are using in-depth. This can help you to better understand how a particular product works with your exact type of skin and skin tone. You can even watch makeup tutorials and unboxing videos where YouTubers talk about their impressions of a certain product. Finding YouTubers who have the same tone and type of skin as you can be helpful for determining which shade of the product to order.