All About The Face Shop’s Rice Water Series

Most of us opt for natural products instead of chemically produced ones as it is seen as safer and non-toxic.

Many beauty products in the market right now consist of different natural ingredients like Rice Water.

Rice Water has already been used by our ancestors for their skin and hair treatments and is being infused now in most skincare products available in the market.

This powerful ingredient comes with numerous benefits for our skin such as:

–         Skin lightening  

–         Soothes skin inflammation                              

–         Tends to dry skin                           

–         Helps with skin irritation

–         Sun protection

And, for our hair and overall health like:

–         Repairs hair damage and split ends

–         Claims to help with food poisoning or stomach bug

Although some of these benefits still lack hard evidence, there are some reasons to think that these could be true.

However, this particular ingredient can be very effective when formulated with the finest ingredients for maximum benefits.

Korean cosmetics are one of the leading when it is about skincare talk. One of these K-beauty brands, The Face Shop, has been popularly known for its quality skin care products.

They released a series of products infused with Rice Water and these products have been a hit ever since.

Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Aside from the benefits above, rice water also contains Vitamin B and other minerals that gives moisturizing and brightening effects.

This cleansing and brightening oil are focused on making your skin squeaky clean and refreshed by getting rid of dead skin cells and heavy makeup.

Most recommended for oily or combination skin.

Oil-based products for oily skin types can be confusing and contradicting but there are reasons behind it.

There is a principle where “oil attracts oil” which makes excess oil and makeups which contain oil or waxy substance easier to remove using this kind of cleanser.

It costs 14.90 USD/150mL.

Rice Water Cleansing Rich Oil

On the other hand, this rich oil is just as effective as one above.

It is just that it is most recommended for normal to dry skin.

This product is very effective in removing dirt, makeup, and excess oil as well.

It will not give you a greasy finish unlike other oil cleansers, instead, it will feel very soft and hydrated.

It costs 14.90 USD/150mL.

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

Foam cleansers are more effective in cleansing the outermost layer of our skin. It effectively gets rid of dirt and other impurities.

It contains mild ingredients and is also great for oily skin! It could remove all your excess oil but not to the point where your skin gets very dry and flaky.

Aside from cleansing and brightening, it also eases redness of the skin and helps with fighting acne. It gives a soft and hydrated finish.

It costs 12.90 USD/150mL and 18.90 USD/300mL.

Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water

This cleansing water contains handpicked ingredients to make it very gentle on the skin. It contains Micellar water which is effective in removing dirt, impurities, and makeup easily.

Of course, it is also infused with rice water that has cleansing and brightening effects.

It is good for people with sensitive skin or those who are conscious with the ingredients in their skincare products.

It costs 40.90 USD/500mL.

Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

This is a very effective makeup remover infused with rice water for gentle but thorough cleansing.

It gently removes heavy makeup around eyes and is formulated to reduce lip pigmentation.

This product also contains a very powerful moisturizing agent that would keep your skin fully moisturized.

It costs 12.90 USD/120mL.

Rice Water Bright Massage Cream

Aside from rice water, this massage cream also contains adenosine.

Adenosine is known for being an anti-aging ingredient, skin-restoring, and a soothing agent. This product is focused on protecting your skin’s elasticity and giving it life and vitality.

Using this product will make you look fresher and younger in no time!

It costs 24.90 USD/200mL.

The products above are not the only products with rice water you will see in the market nowadays.

But knowing their benefits is a plus for you as you know what to look for whenever you are purchasing skincare products.

Also, it is important to always read all the ingredients before you buy anything since some could be harmful for your skin and you will not even know it.

Trying out these products from The Face Shop that has been tried and tested by many can make you feel at ease. Let us know if these products work for you!