Crafts for Adults (Because Adults Should Have Fun Tool)

Ageism is a horrible way of restricting the notion of fun for people. It is highly distasteful to restrict the idea of fun through arts and crafts especially, for people who fall in the adult category just because they are adults. And for some very incomprehensible reason, people assume that all things artsy, colorful, stationery-oriented and crafty are for kids, however, they could not be more mistaken. Adults have their own category of crafts, courtesy of supportive, nice, farsighted people who understand how the love for crafts in adults tends to diminish due to the social perception of crafts as a predominantly children’s activity.

Crafts for adults are not just important as far as the fun aspect is concerned, but it also penetrates much deeper into the lives of adults by directly providing them stress relief, a hobby, a way to cope with the pressures of life, new skills and improved hand-eye coordination, to name a few benefits. Such views


become a constant reminder of how we need to indulge the adults in more crafts. Therefore, we have complied a list of all sorts of fun and interesting crafts that will eventually become your hobby, once you try them out!

  1. DIY Jewelry

Jewelry is an accessory that one can never do without. Whether it is everyday wear or one of the most important occasions of your life, a piece of bling never fails to help you make a statement in the setting where you are surrounded by people you know. However, there is one way to up your style game by going one mile further: make your own jewelry! Sounds absurd? It is not! Making jewelry is a relatively easy craft once you get the hang of it, which you do very soon after venturing into the world of making pieces of jewelry! What is even better, you can make your jewelry from recycling simple household items into whatever piece that you think suits your personality. For instance, here is a tutorial for making rings out of buttons! Simple yet stylish, right? You can make all sorts of jewelry pieces, do not just stop at rings!

We've found 17 of the best jewelry ideas you can make that your friends will love to wear. Check out our easy and creative DIY jewelry making projects now!
  1. Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a relatively new kit craft, that is, it involves a kit with necessary components to use for the craft. Introduced in 2015, it is a cross between cross stich and paint-by-numbers. Diamond painting involves the use of an adhesive canvas on which an image has been finely broken down into numerous portions, with each portion being colored and given a specific number. The numbers on the canvas indicate where to place the main sparkly component of the kit, the “diamonds”. The final product of diamond painting is a sparkling, stunning piece of mosaic art, which is reminiscent of why this craft is called “diamond” painting. 5D Diamond paintings from “all diamond painting” come in a variety of canvases that allow the user to make the canvas by using the simple “pick and stick” method that is quite fun and meditative.

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  1. Crocheting Crafts

Crocheting involves the use of yarn and needles to make a piece of cloth. It is done by continuously looping the yarn with the help of a small crochet hook. It is a highly sophisticated form of creating fabric with your own two hands, however, it is actually very easy to do so! Crocheting is much more handleable than knitting due to the fact that each stitch in crochet is completed before moving on to the next stitch. As a result, one can create patterns, flowers, doilies and even shoes (yes, shoes!) by crocheting them. Due to its wide range, crocheting is definitely a must-do craft, and it is quite easy to start as well.

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  1. Paint-by-Numbers 

Paint-by-Numbers is a kit craft, just like the aforementioned diamond painting. It involves the use of a canvas on which there are light colored markings that portion the canvas into many parts. Each portion is numbered, and each number indicates where to paint and what color to paint. Paint-by-Numbers is thus a kit craft that helps you ease into the world of painting even if you have a lot of doubts about being able to paint. Through its simple method, you can learn how to paint and blend in colors to create paintings that can rival that of the great artists! And who knows, if you keep on practicing and becoming an expert Paint-by-Numbers painter, you could transition to actual canvases too, all in due time!

Like other kits, Custom Paint-by-Numbers Kit also comes in a huge variety with thousands of kits to choose from. You can try finding a kit that suits your taste right here and start the process of becoming the next Picasso!

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  1. Recycled Art

Considering how fast and how horribly the earth’s conditions are deteriorating, one should opt for practices that produce the minimum carbon footprint. We need to start doing what we can, on our own behalf, for the sake of securing the planet Earth for our future generations. Thus, while searching for crafts that we want to indulge in, we can opt for projects that involve recycling materials. And you would be surprised to know the extent to which recycled art projects are becoming more and more common! People use the simplest things, from plastic bottles and safety pins, to tires and aluminum cans, to create stunning pieces of decoration, household items or even simple art. There is a huge variety of crafts projects that one can opt for, and thus create a piece of your own craft that not only gives you the pleasure of indulging in the process of creating something, but also the satisfaction of playing a small part in trying to save the planet while doing so!

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The above-mentioned crafts are some of the best for adults because it is about time that we start introducing and popularizing crafts that are inclusive of all people regardless of their ages, because adults should have fun too!