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A Perfect Match- Complementing Your Clothing And Makeup

When it comes to the art of dressing, you cannot downplay the importance of creating an ensemble. You may wear the most amazing outfit and the best accessories but still not make an impact unless your makeup is a perfect match. Although this is a basic style lesson, most women go wrong here. Dressing like a diva is all about harmony, you need to make sure that every element complements the others- right from your clothes to accessories to makeup and hair. If you aren’t sure about nailing the perfect match, here are some useful pieces of advice from stylists to help.

Pay attention to your lips

Speaking about makeup, your lips are the attention grabbers and the right lip color can just get you all the attention you deserve. When you choose the color for the day, there are several factors to consider. Start by matching the shade with your outfit but don’t forget your skin tone, mood and the occasion. Red may look great with your dress but you may opt for nude if you don’t want to make an office ensemble too vibrant. If there’s a party lined up for the evening, just switch the lip color and you will be ready to rock the diva look.

Don’t forget your eyes

Apart from your lips, your eyes deserve special attention while you create a perfect look for any occasion. Stick to the basics like a kohl pencil and eyeliner all the time because they accentuate your eyes and give them the quintessential smoky look. Reserve mascara and eye shadow for the evenings, when you want a more dramatic look. If you love experimenting, try playing with unusual eye shadow shades like blue, violet or green. Otherwise, the basics like bronze and grey would do.  

Follow your instincts

There’s no proven formula for complementing your makeup and outfits perfectly, rather your instincts can guide you the best. You can get plenty of inspiration everywhere, from brands like JustFab, your favorite celebrities or even your best friend. Everything boils down to being bold and experimental though you must be true to your signature style. You need not worry about makeup blunders because they do happen. The good thing is that you can simply wash it off and try again.

Finish it with a perfect hairdo

While you may go the extra mile with your makeup, forgetting your hair will have all the effort wasted. Once you are done with your outfit and face, make sure that you style your locks perfectly. To start with, your hair should be clean and shiny, so don’t skimp on your regular shampooing and conditioning routine. Consider the style that would look good with your dress and work for your face as well. If you have a bad hair day, just tie it up in a ponytail or a high bun and you are good to go.

Creating that perfect look with awesome makeup and hair is easier than it sounds. Just be confident, keep practicing and you will master the art eventually!