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The Benefits of Salon Conditioning Treatments

When sun and wind leave your hair brittle and dull, you can find various salon services Palm Beach Gardens FL to restore its shine and luster. Deep conditioning can benefit all hair types. 

What Does Deep Conditioning Involve?

Deep conditioning treatments are protein-based or moisture-based. Your hairstylist will start by selecting an appropriate formula for your hair type within these categories. Next, they will wash your hair and coat it with the conditioner, paying particular attention to the ends. You will then sit under a dryer for up to thirty minutes, depending on your stylist’s formula choice. The heat from the dryer allows the conditioner to penetrate your hair. Finally, your stylist will rinse your hair with cold water to seal in your treatment’s benefits. 

Protein-Based Conditioners

Hair that becomes excessively porous due to lack of the naturally occurring protein keratin loses its elasticity, breaks easily, or becomes limp and frizzy. Conditioning formulas rich in protein provide a layer of protection that seals openings in the hair shaft, restoring its structural integrity and enabling it to retain moisture. Many salons offer protein-based conditioners, including hydrolyzed keratin and collagen or plant-based quinoa and soy. The choice depends on your hair type and goals.

Moisture-Based Conditioners

Natural elements like sun and heat can lead to frizzy hair and dandruff from dry scalp. If your hair is otherwise healthy with adequate protein, moisture-based deep conditioners will infuse it with water and immediately restore its softness and shine. Your scalp will benefit by absorbing moisture to replace the natural oils it is lacking. Moisturizing deep conditioners are excellent preventative treatments that ensure your hair can withstand daily exposure to drying elements.

Deep conditioning is a service that most salons offer because it can benefit all hair types. Your stylist can help you decide which treatment can work best for you.