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Perfect Eyebrow With Microblading Service

fMicroblading is an advanced technique for pigmentation of the skin. It is used to “draw” the eyebrows. The effect is stunning thanks to the extreme finesse of the line and gives an unparalleled natural effect. By the way, if you are looking for ombre brows near you, check the link.


The technique consists of tracing a missing eyebrow with a very fine blade (3-4x smaller than a permanent makeup needle) with pigments of the color you desire. It is thus possible to mix two colors of different pigments for an even more natural effect. Also to get an extra edge in your look you should go for eyebrow extensions. It is highly recommended to get it done from professionals like to get bushy & full, natural-looking brows enhancing your facial features. They will provide the makeover to your brows that you desire to get.

How Is It Different From Permanent Makeup?

Several points differentiate these two techniques Ombre brows near you. Thanks to the precision of the blade, the features are more natural and stand out from the lack of finesse of permanent makeup. To use the summary heard from a man: permanent make-up is a feature of the marker, which can be recognized from afar.

The other big difference is in the depth of the pigmentation in the skin. Permanent makeup is inserted very deep into the skin. This has the advantage of having a longer “lifespan”, but with the associated drawbacks: facial features that change and pigmentation that diffuses over time making the line, already not fine at the start, less clear, less precise and without natural effect. The shape of the eyebrows is subject to fashion changes, it may be wise to adapt but also to adapt the design according to the changes of his face.

Is It Painful?

It is not more painful than permanent makeup; in fact, the incisions are shallower. It is shorter and very quickly an anesthetic gel is applied and all the “unpleasant” side immediately flies away. With the microblading Brooklyn service, you need the best deal now.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

Depending on the quality of the skin and the age, it takes 1 year to 1 year and a half.

How Does This Service Take Place?

The service takes place in two sessions both included in the price, the initial drawing then the retouching after 3-4 weeks A preliminary interview is recommended, when making an appointment by


The initial service lasts between 1 hour and 1h30 and less for the second.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Reception
  • Interview for advice, questions and informed consent
  • Hair removal with thread or tweezers and drawing of the desired shape of the eyebrows, in pencil
  • Choice of the appropriate colors
  • Drawing of the hairs or eyebrows with the blade, the pigments are on the blade
  • Application of a specific cream

The application by the client during the following days of a cream recommended to promote healing without scabs is recommended. The references of creams to be applied are communicated when making an appointment. 3-4 weeks later, touch-ups to ensure maximum effect and quality.

Choose Your Institute Well

The technique of microblading is not trivial and the institute must be chosen with care. The incisions must be made in a sterile place, by qualified personnel. Too often, this care is provided by people  who have not received all the necessary training to drastically reduce the risk of infection.


Local anesthetic gels are based on lidocaine and epinephrine or lidocaine only. Strong allergic reactions are possible, with loss of consciousness and heart trouble. People using these products are all supposed to be able to perform resuscitation. The cases are certainly very rare, but this should not be overlooked. Be aware that if you have ever had a tooth root treatment or had a tooth removed wisdom tooth for example, you are most likely not allergic to lidocaine because it is the same product which is injected by dentists.

On the other hand, the anesthetic gel should not be applied before the incisions. Indeed, the skin is slightly deformed and therefore it is impossible to have a design which will remain the same when the skin returns to its initial shape. Big disappointments are possible.

Advantages of microblading: Natural and authentic results

Microblading not only ensures extremely natural and authentic results, it also has other advantages over other pigmentation methods. Hardly any other method makes such fine lines possible, which look realistic in the long term and do not widen or expand over time. Furthermore, the microblading pigment is introduced less deeply into the skin. So the natural hair growth is not damaged, there are no scars and the whole procedure is comparatively much less painful. The color does not change its tone even after a long time and consists only of high-quality vegetable pigments.