How Can Hair Growth Cap Solve Your Hair Growth Problems?

Hair loss is a common problem affecting people not just in the U.S. but worldwide. More than one-third of the population is affected by hair fall/loss problems. Therefore, it is no surprise that innovators come up with newer techniques to tackle the problem and help hair regrowth.

A laser hair growth cap is one of the safest and convenient ways to regrow your hair. If you’re one of those having severe hair loss or baldness and doubt if hair growth caps are effective, read on.

Laser Technology for Hair Growth

As time passed, newer studies evolved, and so did science. Low-level light therapy is the latest technology that came to the fore and is quite effective at treating hair growth. It is used in laser hair growth caps used by hair loss sufferers.

This method utilizes photons that irradiates into the scalp tissues. It is absorbed by the cells that promote blood flow to the scalp. This blood circulation ultimately results in hair regrowth.

It is a non-invasive and non-chemical procedure as opposed to hair transplants and hence a much better alternative.  Through this technology, the hair follicles are brought back to the thickest and healthiest stage.

Effectiveness of Laser Hair Growth Caps

This technology finds its home with individuals battling hair loss for use at home. Laser hair growth cap is an FDA-approved device that can be used at home conveniently while cooking, reading, or washing dishes. These caps use medical-grade diodes to emit a low-level light therapy. These caps are available in two varieties: 148-grade medical diodes and 272-grade diodes.

The number of diodes determines the effectiveness of the device. 272-grade diodes are more effective than 148-grade diodes. Therefore, you may base your purchase on the current hair loss situation and how fast you want to see the results.

Diodes are believed to be more effective than LEDs because they penetrate scalp tissues deep enough to stimulate hair follicles. These laser caps are approved by the FDA, which essentially means that the product has passed through extensive testing and research before being approved so you can rest assured it is functional and safe for human use.

How Does Laser Caps Work

Primarily laser caps work by emitting low-level light therapy into the scalp tissues. The low-level light therapy improves cellular respiration and blood circulation, and the increased blood flow results in new follicles being generated. Better breathing cells make for better hair follicles, leading to happier and healthier hair.

Low-level medical-grade diodes are used in the caps that are suitable for use by both men and women. The user has to wear the cap for some time every day. What’s more, there are no side-effects, which make it one of the reliable means of hair growth cap in the market. Results vary depending on your level of hair loss when you start using the cap. Hair growth begins at the cellular level so you can see the results within four to five months. After six months, though, your hair appears thicker and healthier.